Silent Sunday

From left to right is Charlie, Whispers, Rusty, with Sassy closest to the camera. It’s been a very intense Summer for me and my special family. Again with this oncoming week, I try to step back into blogging. As I do so, I have every intention that this week heralds the Calm after many Storms. … Continue reading Silent Sunday

Boy Play

Rusty is the official instigator in this house. ¬†He is energy in action not stopping unless he is sleeping. He keeps everyone including me on their toes. ¬†And it seems every time I have a camera in view, Rusty must get the attention even if I have the intention of photographing someone else. Here is … Continue reading Boy Play

Hidden Pond (2 IMAGES)

I have finally given up banging my head against a brick wall in order to attempt to get back into my “normal” blogging rhythm. ¬†It is just not happening. ¬†Life is presenting me with situation after situation that takes precedence over WP, leaving me with no rhythm at all when I do blog. ¬†OK OK … Continue reading Hidden Pond (2 IMAGES)

Power Of Love

Honestly, I do not know what is going on here at WP of late, for I have been too busy saving lives to even be here.¬† Yet, a few of my friends have come to me telling me they have been harassed and stalked, to the point they are quitting or shutting down their blogs … Continue reading Power Of Love

To BEe

Have you given any thought to BEe exactly who you are meant to BEe instead of attempting to BEe what others want you to BEe? ~~~~~~~ Macro Photography/ “To BEe” 2015¬©AmyRose *Comments will be closed.¬† I have been contending with three ill cats, one for months, and today for the first time since I have … Continue reading To BEe

Card In Mail

The other day, I received a surprise card in the (snail) mail from my husband. ¬†This is not the norm, so yes, it really was a surprise. I couldn’t wait until I was back in the house, so I opened the card in the middle of my driveway, and as I did and saw what … Continue reading Card In Mail

Temple Of The Trees

Many moons spent we on the River Kwoai, paddling our crafted canoe with blisters on our hands that broke and bled.¬† Not once did we complain, nor did thoughts of ending this expedition come a’pass.¬† With solid conviction in our Breasts, carried on did we.¬† Hope held high, nothing could deter us in our Knowing … Continue reading Temple Of The Trees

Infinite Connections

When we BEcome aware of our Surroundings we experience the Infinite Connections to All That Is. ~~~~~~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Infinite Connections” 2015¬©AmyRose (Photograph of White Peony) [PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. MANY COMMENTS I LEFT YESTERDAY ON MANY BLOGS WERE SENT TO SPAM. THANK YOU.] Continue reading Infinite Connections

Practice Peace

I leave all of you with the following post, which will wrap up for me my blogging week.¬† It felt glorious getting reacquainted with my friends here on WP as well meeting some new friends too.¬† This actually has been my first real “full time” blogging week since I was on a hiatus reopening my … Continue reading Practice Peace

Changed To Changes

The following post is for two of my friends, [Marissa] , being one of those friends who does not ever cease to amaze me by her curious Mind and her unending abilities to weave a good story.¬† Marissa, here is something I think you can sink your “teeth into”.¬† Please enjoy! I have one other … Continue reading Changed To Changes

Thank You

To ALL who come to Petals who have joined my WP family To each of you I thank knowing ¬†without you Petals would not BE. ‚ô• Because of you I’ve reached a milestone one that I did not think possible … As of today there are now 3,000 of you who have made Petals what … Continue reading Thank You

Present Day

My dearest friends, lately I really have been struggling with bone breaking fatigue from the aftermath of Winter Storm Knife (yes still), and because I had gotten so far behind in my daily routine here in my home, I seem to be running a marathon trying to catch up. I really must (again) take more … Continue reading Present Day

Bonus Fun Post

I am posting this photograph below to see IF the person who actually took the photo recognizes it. This person was the very first person who responded to my crisis, and in so doing, gave me some of her/his work to do with what I chose to do with them. When I processed this image, … Continue reading Bonus Fun Post

The Plan

to the Heavens

Friends, today is a new day and so I begin to form The Plan on what to do regarding the dire situation I find myelf in. I have shed enough tears. My husband is attempting one last effort in trying to switch data plates from the damaged Passport to a new one I have. Simple yet very tricky. This is what Professional Companies do and in the process, are asking astronomical sums to do it. Due to the principal of matters, I will not pay $900-$3,000 to recover my data. That is thievery. And those who are offering monies to help me pay to retrieve my pictures, I am so grateful that my eyes fill with tears.

Continue reading “The Plan”