Boy Play

Rusty is the official instigator in this house.  He is energy in action not stopping unless he is sleeping. He keeps everyone including me on their toes.  And it seems every time I have a camera in view, Rusty must get the attention even if I have the intention of photographing someone else.

Here is a very brief video of Rusty and Cuddles playing.  Cuddles’ tactic is to stay on the floor while Rusty circles him, nipping here, nipping there all in an attempt to get a rise out of Cuddles.  No one ever gets hurt and it usually ends with Cuddles running off.  I would have had that part videotaped if my cellphone had not cut the video off.  Being that I was not even awake yet, I did not notice the video had stopped until it was too late.  I did have about two minutes that I thought was videotaped.  *sigh*  However, what I did manage to get is just too cute.

You will see Cookie on a chair, and to the left very briefly is first Doodles then Rocky, then Doodles again.  As you can see from their “reaction” this is nothing unusual in this house.  (smile)

The next time these two or two of my other boys play like this, I’ll make sure that my video keeps taping.  I will have one more post published later today, an Autumn picture with comments open.  Comments are closed on this post.  Behind the scenes I am editing more Fall Color for your viewing pleasure. For now, please enjoy a glimpse of “Boy Play”.  Happy Monday!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Video/ “Boy Play” October 2016©AmyRose