To BEe


Have you given any thought to BEe
exactly who you are meant to BEe
instead of attempting to BEe
what others want you to BEe?

Macro Photography/ “To BEe” 2015©AmyRose

*Comments will be closed.  I have been contending with three ill cats, one for months, and today for the first time since I have been working with them, they are what I consider to be out of crisis.  I need rest.  I am stunned how exhausted I feel.  Please just enjoy this post, and I will get back to blogging when I am rested.

Please if you would be so kind, send my way your Love and Prayers.  It just seems it has been one thing after another since my Dad passed in January.  To say the least, my Life has been very challenging.

I again thank you for viewing my work.  Know that each of you I carry with me in my Heart.*