Practice Peace

I leave all of you with the following post, which will wrap up for me my blogging week.  It felt glorious getting reacquainted with my friends here on WP as well meeting some new friends too.  This actually has been my first real “full time” blogging week since I was on a hiatus reopening my gardens.  It was WONDERFUL!!!

Wishing all of you a FUN-filled holiday weekend!  I went to a local nursery yesterday and bought over $300 worth of annuals and perennials to plant in my gardens, so that is what I will be at least starting to do.  OH yes, many a click of a certain shutter button will be heard as well. (smile)

I also have thoughts of going to at least one park with my camera and a friend along, just to enjoy Mother’s Beauty while I “hang” with someone whose interests are similar to mine.  Somewhere over this long weekend, I will be creating my posts for next week, which to be truthful with you, as of this writing, I have NO idea what they will be.  LOL  They will unfold as if by magic at the appropriate time.

Have FUN, everyone, and above all, please stay safe!  I will see you all next week!  Until then, please enjoy what I give to you this day as my Gift.  Comments are closed on this.  I am officially off for the weekend.  GRIN!


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Practice Peace
and as you do
Become Peace
molding your Life into

Perfect Peace.

MF Macro Photography/ “Practice Peace” 2015©AmyRose