California’s Devastating Fires!!

My friend Laura lives in California where forest fires are raging out of control. I am asking for your help in any way you can with your social media so that more people are praying for those in California who are suffering such great loss and for the precious forests that are being destroyed. Comments are closed. Please go to Laura’s blog to comment or to share. Thank you and Bless you! Love, Amy ❤

Laura Macky Photography

The fires in California are absolutely devastating!  I’m posting this to ask you for your prayers.  Many I know have evacuated the foothills of California and the fire is zero percent contained there.  It’s been horribly hot, terribly dry due to a severe drought, and the fire is jumping all over the place.  There are evacuation centers set up for those who’ve lost their homes and many people who live near the areas are going there to drop off food, clothing and whatever else is needed.

I live near Mt. Diablo which is about 30 minutes east of San Francisco and about 2.5 hours south of the devastation.  I am pretty much at the base of Mt. Diablo and I couod barely see it due to the smoke. There was even ash on our car and on the tables at the local coffee shop this morning.

I know this is…

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