Changed To Changes

The following post is for two of my friends, [Marissa] , being one of those friends who does not ever cease to amaze me by her curious Mind and her unending abilities to weave a good story.  Marissa, here is something I think you can sink your “teeth into”.  Please enjoy!

I have one other friend in mind today who I consider to be one very courageous and Gifted woman who is a female doctor in a medical system that has gone completely insane (IMO).  [Doc] , the following post is for you.  My HOPE is that my words give room for you to think upon, as you continue to walk a very difficult and challenging Path.  You truly have my respect!

I must close comments on this post today.  For those of you who do not know, not only do I answer comments on Petals, but I also do my best to visit those blogs I follow, and leave comments when I can, at those blogs.  I have gotten (again) very far behind in answering comments/visiting blogs which is what I will be doing today, in combination of spending time with those I Love in my 3D Life.  Marissa and Doc, I feel badly that I am not giving you the opportunity to respond to this post which I have dedicated to you.  Just send your thoughts via the Heart Express and I will receive them.  (smile)  May both of you really BE Blessed by the following post.

And for all who view this post, may your Mind BE as curious as Marissa’s, and your Heart BE as courageous as the Doc’s.  If you understand the following words, you literally can change the world.


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Changed Beliefs
changes Behavior.
Changed Behavior
changes Life.
Changed Life
changes the World.

MF Macro Photography/ “Changed To Changes” 2015©AmyRose