Communication Is Key To Understanding


Dearest Friends, knowing that communication is key to understanding, I share with you what is happening within my Life.  In this way, you will understand the whys and whats of changes you will see at Petals.

I am about to walk into one of my busiest Seasons in my gardens.  I have no help which I Dream of having one day, so it is just me and myself opening gardens.  I plan on taking pictures of what my gardens look like now to show you, so that this too shall reinforce even more, the huge task that lies ahead of me.

Along with this aspect of my Life, I still am backing up posts that are on Petals. If as I again Dream of having, I have someone just to sit to back up exactly as I show them how to, that would bring such great relief to my mind, in of itself. But for now, I am doing this myself.  I have gotten to December of 2014 backed up, slowly working my way back through last year’s posts.

Then, for those of you who do not know, in my 3D Life, my husband and I care for and Love 14 special needs cats in our home. This aspect of my Life is huge in of itself.  There is absolutely no way I can cut back in this aspect of my Life.

Somewhere I must cut back in order for me to accomplish all I must, and to keep this blog up and running.  And that cutting back is going to be seen here at Petals. Let me explain.

In the oncoming weeks, I will keep posting as best as I can. Yes, I will keep comments open, but, I know I will not be able to answer all comments, but only those my Heart directs me to.  I am telling you all this up front, because I do not wish to create any hard feelings when you see I am answering only a certain few comments and just  “liking” the majority.  I at this phase in my Life, really do not have the time to sit at my computer.  It is just not possible.

I do promise to read your comments.  Please know how touched I am by all who support my work, and who take the time to comment.  I so appreciate your words, but for now, most days I will not be able to respond.  I also will not be coming to your blogs as I have been.  Again, I am saying this upfront so that no feelings are unintentionally hurt.

There are many more of you here at Petals this year then there was last year.  I actually was able to keep blogging as I normally do last year when I reopened my gardens, much to my surprise, but I honestly don’t see that happening this year.  IF I am able to blog, then we are all in for a nice surprise.  One thing I am not able to do is to see into the future, yet this I do know.  Nothing is impossible.  IF I am able to blog, than that is exactly what will unfold.  IF not, than that is exactly what will unfold and what I described to you that will occur, will.

So, in closing, in order for me to keep bringing to you quality work, I must cut back during this extremely busy phase of my Life.  Sometimes sacrifices are made for the Greater Good, and this is my Attitude towards what I am about to walk into.  I really do not wish to loose contact with you, yet, for now, you will have the understanding why you are not seeing me, why I am not leaving comments, and why I don’t seem to be around much in blogosphere.

I Love each and every one of you.  I ask you to send me your support, your Love, your Light, your prayers, so that I may succeed at what I am about to step into. Every year I question how I am going to do it all, yet, somehow I do.  With our combined energies, anything is possible.  And I am not talking about just assisting me with my gardens, either.  When we walk together in Love, anything we set our Minds to do, we can and shall accomplish!

BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

Photography/ Digital Art/ “Communication Is Key To Understanding” 2015©AmyRose






33 thoughts on “Communication Is Key To Understanding

  1. Oh Amy! Don’t worry about us. We all have a life next to WP and we all understand that sometimes priorities have to be set. Take your time to get everything done and when you are back we’ll be right here waiting for you. Much love to you, Amy!!!

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    1. I HOPE all who comment read my ONE comment today! You are the best friends I could have ever asked for. YOU are going to help me do this tremendous challenge that lies ahead of me. There are some days I feel like pinching myself … because of YOU. I am the most fortunate woman alive to have YOU in my Life! Bless YOU! Love, Amy ❤

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      1. I read it and you make me so happy! We are one big family of friends. Friends don’t ask. They are there. Friends don’t judge, the just lend a hand. Friends don’t chaine but let you be who you are and let you do what you need to do. You are one of the loveliest persons I ever met. Big hugs to you, Amy!!!

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  2. Amy, Amy Amy, don’t worry a bit about this. I don’t always have time to comment, sometimes, all I can do is press ‘like’ but I do like your photos and the words your choose to describe them. And, if I had to choose between your replying to my comment or feeding those cats, the cats would win – paws down. Good luck balancing everything through the change of seasons.

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  3. Sending good vibes and tons of loves and hugs your way, and do what you need to do to care for those who need you there in the face to face world. We will all be around the walls of word press and not away in spirit an heart.

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  4. I agree with you 100% when you said, “When we walk together in Love, anything we set our Minds to do, we can and shall accomplish!” I wish you the best in your busiest season and I know you will do great! Sending you lots of love your way! And I look forward to seeing you again the future 😃

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  5. Oh, Amy, my friend. You don’t have to explain having a life. We all do and some times we just have to prioritize, especially the important things in life. Besides there’s good therapy working in gardens and with animals.You’ll be back stronger than ever. Love Ann

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  6. Dear Amy, don’t you worry about us, we’ll be here supporting you no matter what. You’re one of the brightest lights shining here in the blogging world. Just take care of what you need to do. Hugs & ❤ Tiny

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  7. Oh yes, I absolutely get it and greater good indeed. How can you keep producing your beautiful art work if you don’t open up your gardens, Amy? I will miss you in the meantime, but I’m glad you wrote this piece so I know you are doing something positive with your time. Can’t wait to see the results! By the way, I really like this piece! You can even make a keychain look like a flower!

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  8. Amy you know you have our support.. For me too Life is starting to get so busy as we start our garden up again.. Befor you disappear I will give you a laugh.. If you do have time to view my post Growing Time you will trays of seedlings all neatly arranged on my Greenhouse shelving.. We bought it specially to house them as our greenhouse will be over loaded as I am growing more flowers from seedlings..
    Anyway, this morning the Wind got up really bad, and blew the whole lot to the ground.. 16 trays ..I had to shovel up the compost and carefully pick out the seedlings and Yes start all over again..
    Hubby said why are you so calm.. I said well there is no point being other wise.. I laughed out loud.. As I said to him.. Maybe the Universe heard me yesterday say how much I enjoyed all morning pricking out these seedlings and transplanting them into separate trays .. The Universe must Have thought I enjoyed it so much, I needed to do it all over again.. 🙂

    Happy Planting and getting your garden ready Amy.. I know the effort it all takes… xxx HUGS your way ❤

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  9. Lovely Amy, honestly I’ll miss you when I shall not be having you as much as I do now. You are such a darling. Your letter is heart-to-heart. It shows how much you love, value and respect your readers. You can count on me to understand when you become scarce; even when I miss you. Like many of your friends I’ll be waiting to embrace you when you come back. While you are away remember lots of us out here love you and will keep praying for you. May your light never stop shining! Tons of love.

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  10. Dear Amy, we all understand. You have so much going on at the moment, the fact that you are keeping Petal’s going shows us how much we all mean to you and how passionate you about your work. Mirroring a comment above, don’t worry about us… you go do what you gotta do! We will only be a message away 🙂

    Lots of love xx

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  11. Understandable, my dear friend. We know how much you love flowers and your garden and your cats. 🙂 I’m planning for my vacation, so I’ll be off here and there during summer. (((HUGS))) Amy


  12. Amy, as I’ve written before think about yourself and who beside of you then other people. It is like in the jet instruction: first maintain your oxygen mask and then help to others. If you breath we know that everything is going to be just fine. Enjoy your gardening but do not kill yourself.


  13. You will accomplish all that you set out to I’m sure! Each of our lives are ever evolving and neither one will be the same as it was the day before. I’m excited to see your garden for sure and I’ll be anxiously awaiting your posts! With love and a big big hug!!

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