Message to My Friends and Family


Friends and Family, I have come to some decisions of late that I am sharing with you today.  Change has come into my Life, and in order for me to continue what I do in my Life, I literally had to make changes so I would not get sucked into running the marathon that many are running in Life.  As it is, some days that I do blog I work so hard, that by the time I finish up the day, I don’t know whether I am coming or going.  Yes, true.

So ….

The following are the decisions I have come to.  On the days I do blog, I will give it my all.  Truthfully, my stamina is still not 100% from all I went through with my Dad, as I am beginning to realize, which means I require more rest than I normally do.  Instead of answering all comments under some posts of mine, I am only going to be clicking “like”.  Those comments my Heart guides me to answer, I will.  On the days I am giving it my all, I will make every effort to answer all comments and visit blogs of those who come to Petals.

Also, my template for posts have begun to change too.  I am creating longer posts lately, and in order to do this effectively, I require more time.  So, again, I must decide when to blog, when not to blog, when to answer comments, etc.  I only have so much time in one day, and with all I do have in my Life, I am just not willing at this point in my Life, to add to it.  I want to bring to Petals quality publishing, so I have again decided to cut down on my actual blogging hours.  Perhaps when my stamina is back up where it usually is, I can jump with both feet into blogging like the good ‘o days!

Another new that is beginning to unfold.  Hubby is expressing motivation to go on more photo shoots with me.  Again, here, my Friends and Family, time is involved.  In order to be at these shoots, edit the photos from these shoots, compose and create posts to go along with the images, more time is what I am in need of.  I promise to do my best with everyone here, for as you know, I LOVE to talk to you, I LOVE to interact with you, yet, for this phase of my Life, I must do what I must in order to keep my Life Balanced.  I ask Patience from you.

That being said, I even made a decision that involves my personal Life.  I only have a TracFone, to be used in emergencies.  Before I left for my Dad’s service, I bought a ton of minutes so that I could begin to text.  Well, I ate those minutes up so fast, it made my head spin.  As one of my brothers’ so eloquently put it, “Ame, don’t you realize text is like um one liners or so?” and here I am using the microphone dictating books.  LOL  What can I say?  I am wordy.  I LOVE words!  Anyways …

I am opting not to buy any more minutes so that I can again text.  And this is the reason why.  I found myself rapidly bouncing between my cellphone answering tons of texts that were coming in, and my computer trying to keep up with the blogging I do.  Back and forth, back and forth ..  It got to a point I felt I was an adrenalin junkie, speeding out of control.  I refuse to join this crazy world in this insane idea of “sorry, we don’t have time for a phone call, only a text, because we are in a rush to get to our next destination.”  Texting to me is a great idea to stay in touch with family that live out of state from me, yet I was being controlled by my cellphone with machines in general overtaking my Life.  I was running around like a mouse on a wheel, so today I decided no, I will not do this.

If Family wish to stay in contact with me, they know my phone number.  At first when my text minutes ran out, I felt desperate, ready to run to the store to buy more, for OH I needed that connection.  No, I really don’t.  I am not willing to live with a “crutch” and an addiction that takes time away from my personal Life.  Sorry, but I am just not willing to do it, nor am I willing to Live my Life without brakes, running running running until I drop.  I just stepped off the spinning wheel and it feels good.

There you have it.  Soon, my gardens will be ready for me to open, and those of you who have been following me for a while, know from the past, there is a huge amount of work involved.  Again, time is crucial.  Last year, to my surprise, I was able to keep up with the blogging pretty darn good, but I did not have the amount of comments nor followers as I do this year.  Let me just take this easily, and when this comes, I will as I always do, do my best.

In closing, I wish to convey to all of you, how deeply grateful and touched I am by your continued support of my work.  Even if I do not answer your comment to thank you personally, as I have done so far in the history of Petals, please know how deeply thankful I am that you take the time to say thank you to me.  Your words of encouragement to me assist me to improve my work, as I continue to strive to improve myself in order to share that with you.

I am leaving comments open on this post so that I can read your feedback.  As I do, I will click “like” or again, if my Heart guides me to reply, I will.  Either way, you are Loved by me, and so so appreciated.  All things tend to work out for the best, so, in this temporary stage of my Life, I know you will walk side by side with me, while I do the adjusting I must.

BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

MF Photography/ “Message To My Friends and Family” 2015©AmyRose


93 thoughts on “Message to My Friends and Family

  1. You have entered the “new earth” my friend, where your heart takes you, I have very little excess these days as I let go of what others think I should be or do! Good for you my friend! When we go within we find peace! You are always enough and loved! Heart to heart Robyn!

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    1. Robyn, I’ve entered the “new earth” for at least 2 years now, but my Dad’s passing threw me in such a spin, that I found myself doing things that did not “fit” into my Life. In realizing this, I started the process of sorting through, letting go of what isn’t me, and what is. I told hubby last night this includes letting go of family who I truly Love, yet their lifestyle and frequency are just not mine. The whole crux of the matter, is I yearn for family, for closeness, yet if I follow through with that, I am allowing people into my Life that disrupts the Flow of my Heart. Needing Silence and Space in order to “hear” and to create, are a must for me, and some of whom I have let go, are so surrounded by whirlwinds of activity that they in turn get me on that fast track, speeding out of control. I will not compromise, my friend, with something I have worked so hard to become. Yes, this means sacrifices and yes it hurts. But when I get back into my Flow, all eles does not matter. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      1. Yes Amy, as many friends have been experiencing much of what you have shared here. In order to stay in high frequency, we ask ourselves what is calling us. Not what another thinks we should do or be. I have let go of a very good income to choose my day, and step into the unknown,as you have also been able to reflect on so much since your Dads passing. I am in this right along with you as I have reflected on the care for my father, and other peoples choices to live. We are continually going deeper and deeper my heart is with you and sees great balance for both of us! Heart to heart Robyn

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  2. I just realized your posts aren’t showing up in the reader. No wonder I’m not seeing you. I don’t know if you know this but if you use more than 15 tags+categories, your posts will not show up in the reader. 😦

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    1. I am not using more then 15 tags, Laura. They are showing up in my Reader, because after I post them, I check. So there is another reason why I am not showing up. Are you still following me? Or did I get bumped courtesy WP? Hnmmmmmmm………


      1. It’s so strange. I haven’t seen you in the reader at all. I stopped using links for awhile and have been using the reader. Then I thought…whatever happened to Amy so I typed in your URL in my browser and omg…I saw posts I had not seen! Something is screwy with WP lately. 😦

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      2. Having pulled back for now due to my Dad and all, I am realizing the “grief” regarding WP. I’m tired of always seemingly have one problem or another. My latest: I set my featured image for a post, and even that doesn’t show right in the reader. Even with my one image posts, if I don’t set the feature image to that image, another image shows up on my HOME page on Petals. Really? Most of the blogs I follow do not show in the Reader. The only editor I will use is the classic one, the other one I really do not like. There was a time I could easily get to my administration page from my HOME page (at the top) but no, now I have to open a post, scroll all the way to the bottom of my sidebar and click administration. Laura, I am really questioning if I want to continue doing what I do here. I honestly don’t know if the hours spent editing, the hours spent blogging, and the hair raising I get as a result of WP, are all really worth it. Yet, if I didn’t do this, what would I do? That and more is what I am asking …..


      3. I TOTALLY understand. I have similar issues and frustrations with WP. Plus it is addictive and I’m now having to use voice activation so I can at least type here. I hate to say this but the number of followers corresponds to the effort we put into our blog not necessarily our work. At least that’s my belief. I do a lot of G+ and 500 px and I don’t get near the amount of likes in there as I do in WP because I put more effort in here. Once I tested it out…I put a LOT of effort into G+ and guess what…the numbers went up. So, I’m concentrating more on trying to enter my images to contests and framing them and also wanting to sell at street fairs and businesses around town. I think that’s what I really need to do. WP has gotten so clunky that on top of everything else, it’s becoming a hassle. 😦


      4. PS And one other thing. The speed at WP has been SO slow lately that it makes me want to scream. I checked the speed of our internet and it is right on, yet when I use WP I crawl. Really? My laptop used to scream on here, going blazingly fast. Now? A turtle’s pace!


      5. And WP on the iPad really sucks. It’s SO frustrating when i want to comment on an image in a gallery, even on my computer! It freezes up and I get a WP red error message. I’ve posted on the forums, emailed them but nothing ever happens. And on top of it…why am I not freshly pressed! hahahahaah

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      6. I’ve asked why I am not freshly pressed too, Laura. Probably because we are saying the TRUTH about WP. I put in a lot of hours on WP and when I do, my traffic goes up like crazy. So, yes it is all in the effort. I am glad for you that you are doing something with your photographs. I’m thinking of going the same route. I have a professional printer and there are a lot of local fairs here, so perhaps I will begin to do that. So much of my life is so out of sorts right now. I LOVE to blog, like you say, it is addictive. I really MISS talking to my friends. Many mean more to me than my own family, and that is sad but true. I was hoping that with my Dad passing, this family would finally start becoming active in each others’ lives. That is not happening. I plan on diving back into blogging soon, just to have the sense of “family” in my life. And the sadness that is ever present if I don’t start being active in something I truly Love, that is going to drive me nuts. Ah, WP. And yes, forget my iPad. It is useless on WP. It’s not fair what WP is doing and why they are beats the heck out of me!


      7. I feel the same way sort of… About word press being family like. My family is in a disarray right now and I have never really felt like I had a close family. I think that’s why I do it as well, blog I mean. But when I sent you many hours on the computer it’s easy for me to justify not putting effort into my physical life. But that’s always been my problem since computers first came out! I am so sorry that you’re having family issues as well. Passing of your dad must’ve been very difficult. My therapist recently told me that the people who pass on still live with enough the good and the bad. and we still have emotional reactions the same person isn’t here any longer. Really doesn’t happen in a movie when someone has the ah ha moment in their life changes because of someone passing. I hope this is readable. I’m on my phone doing the dictation this time and I can’t see it because I’m outside LOL!

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      8. Yes, Laura, I’ve been dealing with a lot. I am getting posts prepared for next week, planning on jumping back into blogging and going full steam ahead. According to the number of followers on my blog, I am nearing 3,000. My stats say I have more, around 3,030. Which one to believe? To make me even more motivated, I am going with the one on my blog itself. I am going to hit 3,000 next week, Laura, you wait and see. I know you have tons more than that, but again, I don’t have the time to apply myself to power blog as much as I could. And about my Dad, I know he still is with me, just in a different way. Now I have my Dad even more then when he lived on this side of the Veil. My family have deep patterns that they just are not willing to break, so I accept that, and just get on with MY LIFE. Painful, to say the least. Yet to hope for a different reality when it is not so, is not healthy, either. We all are coping the best we know how to, and that is what it boils down to.


      9. I’m glad you know you have your dad….he is just in a different form. The new stats page is terrible. Some followers don’t come from word press so they are not showing in the new stats page. Stupid I know. I have over 4,000 WP followers and then another 250 or so from FB, Twitter and email, but only the WP followers show in the new stats page. That could be why you know you have more than what’s showing. I just got off the phone with Adobe. Ahh…FINALLY they have improved their customer service! They fixed my photoshop preferences. The quick selection tool was basically useless because it took so long. Evidently the preferences can get corrupted but they don’t know why. It took them just a few minutes to rectify my issue. It’s so nice to have something resolved! hahaha

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      10. For some reason I keep loosing LR5 and have to keep downloading it. It is so weird. I’m just now trying to figure out both PS CC and LR5, grrrrrrr …… , but now you tell me you have probs with PS preferences. Hmmmm …. Good to know customer service is good to work with. Yes, it is good to get some things resolved. Good for you, Laura!!

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  3. Hi Lady, do what you must do to have a beautiful life. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with a blog as awesome as this one. Even I , with my little blog, find myself concerned that I am overlooking something , someone. Enjoy your life, blogging is supposed to be fun. I will always be searching for you when you come around. Hugs to you.

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  4. I totally relate to your sentiments. Blogging is addictive and time consuming and can overtake your life. There just isn’t enough time to comment on every post. I feel I need to find a happy balance too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amy.

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    1. I really do try to find time to answer each comment, Irina. It is time consuming, hence, why I have begun closing comments on some posts while I continue answering my notifications. So many interact with me, and I them. Every day I must strive to reach Balance. I’m glad you got something from this post!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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