War Must Cease

21 thoughts on “War Must Cease”

  1. War should cease, but to be realistic has been part of mankind since the time of jesus at least,and as a former soldier and deployed, you do have a 1% of the population, normally Young guys that like the excitement..
    Just doing our job, with a smile while the others crawl…. or worst

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    1. Charlie, I’ve witnessed up close and personal the toll war takes on a human soul. I’m married to a Vet who has more problems then he’d care to admit. I cannot think of anyone else who would have remained married to this man due to those problems. Unfortunately we live in a violent world and typically young men think war is “cool” until that is, they live it. War destroys not only the physical but the soul as well. This is where this post originates from … as I continue to live with a man who is very capable of hurting another when he is in one of his “states”. I thought a long time ago my love would help him. I no longer think that for I have come to realize the only one who can help this man is this man himself. Stay safe, Charlie. And come home in one piece. (((HUGS))) 💚💚💚


      1. I couldn´t agree more, and yes mam, as Young.. or not so Young, point being if I can translate that point, yes, we love at that point in life the adrenaline and see if all the work you put on in training willl matter at the end of the day, so being married with a man that is a veteran you know, I also think that what you said….. ¨I no longer think that for I have come to reazie the only one who can help this man is this man himself¨ You talking to me? love ya

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      2. Charlie, thank you for “hearing” me. It sounds to me as if you already know you are the only one who can address your problems. THAT, dear friend, is the first step, the BIGGEST step IMO. Yes I do know what I am talking about being with who I am. The hells I have personally witnessed …. no man or woman would be so tormented. You’re in my Heart and Prayers. (((HUGS)))!

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  2. Hi Amy I’m so glad I’m catching-up with your blog after long. Yes as a Army veteran myself I agree wholeheartedly that “All war must cease for this is not our natural state of being”.
    Regards and take care 🍀

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    1. Hi, Rob. This world is such a mess! And it is terrifying when I do see from every angle how horror abides. As I told some of my friends, I’m done even looking and jumping back into my own world. And what I am finding is blowing my mind. A new post is coming soon, one with images that I know will reflect the turmoil all around us. Yet, within those images, super effort is displayed showing all of us even in the storm, we can find an oasis. I’m learning what it is to breathe all over again ….. I mean really!!! This world has gone from nuts to hell. The less I associate with that hell, the healthier I become. Anyways …… please take good care. I cannot, and I stress here, I cannot even look at war now. I live with one who still to this day suffers due to the war he was involved with. Sending you much love and you will finally see me on WP again. Soon. BIG HUGS!!!! xoxoxo

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      1. Things are about to change, Rob. I said right from 2020 that this is not about a virus. Our freedom was at stake and I believe beginning this month we will come to understand the degree of treason so many have been involved with. I should be on tomorrow if all goes well. Yes I am very well, thank you!!! I hope the very same to you. Just hang in there a little while longer. Justice is right around the corner!!!! xoxo

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      2. It’s not. It’s about control, or at least an experiment in control. Unfortunately, they seem to have been successful. I hope there’s a ‘great awakening’ instead of great reset.

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      3. The Great Awakening is happening now, Rob. This is mostly in Divine Timing and yes our faith, and I will admit mine as well, has been sorely tested. I just recently climbed back on the Faith Horse, refusing to watch anything of the world. I’m sticking my head, heart, and mind with God and Mother and no-thing else. My Guidance never has led me wrong. I’m not told, however, any details ….. just a knowing and I know we are about to witness huge changes for the better. Hang in there. I have a new post up today. May that bless your socks off. LOL (((HUGS))) !!!

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