Power Of Love

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Honestly, I do not know what is going on here at WP of late, for I have been too busy saving lives to even be here.  Yet, a few of my friends have come to me telling me they have been harassed and stalked, to the point they are quitting or shutting down their blogs to restart again.

To those of who have very hurt Hearts, I speak to you.  Petals is a Haven for Peace, Love, Beauty and Truth.  I have created a space where you and everyone that comes to Petals feels safe and accepted for who you are.

Be it known, I will not tolerate any filth or maliciousness, or any kind of abuse at Petals.  If I have to turn my comments on manual in order to allow your comments to be seen, I shall.  I do not want to do this, for it only means more work on my end.

I walk in Peace and in Love.  Yes, I have had conflicts with a few people over the 3 years I have been here on WP, yet I have really tried to make amends and to apologize.  That being said, if you do not like what I am promoting here at Petals, just move on.  You will not be able to destroy this Haven of Peace.  I am a strong force to contend with and I will protect Petals and all who come here who want to be touched with Love.

Friends, comments will be closed on this post.  I am still recovering from pulling Molly from death’s door.  She is doing magnificently and is looking healthier with each passing day.  I have also had several other cats who have been needing a lot of attention, so this healer in order to continue the Walk of Love, requires time to rejuvenate.

Please do enjoy this photo.  I shot it last evening and was in absolute awe of the Power I witnessed in the skies.  I tried to do this image justice in the editing room, yet being as tired as I am, I am not sure if I allowed the True Essence to come through. I hope I did.

May all of you have a wonderful Sunday!!  I honestly don’t know when I will be here on WP as per my usual.  I will be, that I can promise you.  I carry you all in my Heart.  Know you are Loved by me.

Photography/ “Power Of Love” 2015©AmyRose