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  1. Hi Amy, I love how you have allowed a difficult past create a much more positive present. You have not had it easy but you’ve learned from it and now are willing to share your insights! I look forward to getting to know you and you can’t deny your Irish roots alright, your photo shows your lovely soft and warm complexion and your writing and huge following shows your ability to connect! Marie x

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    1. Marie, these are the “conversations” I sorely miss. Because my blog has gotten so huge and my life is not slowing down, I have limited time to have ongoing conversations, as I once used to. This has been a treat for me … speaking with you. Thank you! I grew up determined not to allow my upbringing to destroy me and to learn how to undo the dysfunction by changing those dark patterns into Light. It’s still an ongoing process …. I LOVE to share what I have learned and my passion for my camera. I look forward in getting to know you better as well. I hope we can stay connected. I tend to get “lost” in the huge numbers that I deal with now. Much Love to you this day!!! 💚💚💚

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  2. Hey AR…
    Don’t know your email address but I wanted to share this article. I don’t know how much you follow the story of deep state, but this article just came out and it shines huge hope to us all! It appears justice may well be turning our way at long last! The deep state is going down. There are thousands upon thousands of sealed indictments waiting in the wings and now this! Things are ramping up big time. Grab your velcro and hang on. Our time has come I think. Smile 🙂 VK

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    1. Oh wowow, VK! I knew nothing about deep state and if this story is true, we are finally due for a huge shakeup in those who deserve prison or worse. Thank you for sharing and giving me hope that finally we are heading in the direction so many of us envision. BIG SMILES here!!! 😘


    1. Aw, Ann, thank you! I feel a bit of a fraud after what I said to you regarding messages within my posts. In going back to look at my most recent posts, I realized how hard my life has been and how those messages were missing. A little over a year ago I lost my Mother and between the trauma of that and how my family acted, something deep broke in me. I have not been the same since and the words and the messages that I used to hear clearly all the time stopped. Also in the caring of the special needs cats that I do, lately it has been very challenging due to two of them being quite ill. It seems however, that my latest post has given me a glimmer of hope that the messages and the words are again beginning. I never know when they do come for it is not preconceived. God does not let me know ahead of time what to write. The words just come of their own volition. I am so deeply honored that you are interested not only in my work but also in who I am. Both mean so very much to me. God bless you, Ann! I so do look forward in seeing more of your posts and more of these cherished conversations that we have had this day. Much Love to you! 💕🌹💕

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      1. Amy, you’re not a fraud. I understand more than you can know. To everything, there is a season. The words will start to flow before you know it. Cast those cares onto the Lord, it’ll lighten your spirit (smile). Will keep you in my prayers. Much love back (smile)

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  3. What a beautiful and heartfelt introduction to you, AmyRose. I was so moved by your journey and your discovery: “I elected in this lifetime to be placed where there was no Love just to find my way back to the place of Love.” There are some mystics who believe that we are born here to do just that, to “remember” our essence, our true nature or divinity or soul, which is simply a lightness of being called Love. I’m so grateful that you stopped by my blog and that we connected. ❤ Instantaneously in a way. I hope to continue along and watch the lovely unfolding that is you.

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    1. You’ve gone and put tears in my eyes. Diana, my life has been extremely challenging yet throughout the decades I always had one unwavering goal and that was to know Love and to know Me. To my utter surprise I discovered I am one and the very same …. I AM Love. I’ve felt all my life I was born on the “wrong” planet due to me just not getting the overall “energy” of this one. Nature I get. I and Nature …. my All Time Love. My Bliss. My way of merging into the Divine and then maintaining that Holy State. You “think” I have books in me? A walloping number! I am finishing my phase in life right now that I know will end and that is when my next phase begins …. my Photography Adventure right along with my Book Adventure. All in the Right Timing, of course. I’ve learned not to bang my head against a brick wall that isn’t going anywhere until it is good and ready to do so.

      Pinch me. I am SO thrilled our paths met. Wow!! Truly incredible, this thing we call Life. BIG (((HUGS)))! Much Love to you! 💞

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      1. I love your ABOUT you page, AmyRose and I love what you impart with your words of wisdom. Many people never even get to the point of realizing that there is so much more to life than living. What’s even more is finding the LOVE within. And that’s not always easy to do. We have setbacks. That’s part of being human. xo

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      2. Finding that LOVE within when I was never shown what healthy LOVE was, is a Gift that goes Beyond as I give Source the credit for teaching me. My cats as well have been my Teachers showing me how to give love and how to receive it. Oh yes I certainly do have setbacks, not so many of late, thank goodness, but it is a lifelong journey to find that LOVE within and to hold on to it. Bless you for the your moving words, Pam. My goodness …. I didn’t see this coming and believe me, the lump in my throat is real. BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

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    1. Amanda, as stated over at your blog, I really don’t know what to say to this comment. I’m seriously stunned. If you truly understood my Journey in order for you to “feel” the Love from me, you would know why I am stunned. Huge (((HUGS)))!! and a huge thank you! 🦋🦋🦋

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