Niagara Falls February 26, 2015

41 thoughts on “Niagara Falls February 26, 2015”

    1. To hear a simple thank you especially from someone like you, my cuz, makes all my efforts so worth it. I really pushed to the limit and then some with this project, for in truth, I have never worked so hard as I did with this Niagara Falls Adventure. I saw history, Mark, and I recorded it. NF has not been that iced over as it was for a very LONG time, how long exactly I don’t know, but word was out believe me. You should have seen the photographers there. I was a wee intimated especially by this one guy whose tripod and head alone cost 10 grand! His video equipment easily 35 grand. Whoa! He either had two men to assist him to carry this huge contraption, or they were his bodyguards, no lie. Cameras all over the place! And then when I finally get into my zone and begin to relax, hubby’s hands are too cold to stay, so that’s that, we had to leave. *sigh* SO much went wrong with this photo shoot, yet, I worked SO hard to get those wrongs into beautiful rights, and learned SO much along the way. Really. I am just SO happy you viewed the Falls, cuz. So glad!!! (((HUGS))) cuz from the west

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    1. Thank you, Resa. I am really happy you enjoy being here. I have not been blogging much lately being very involved in family out of state who are in charge of my mother’s care while in hospital. I am a nurse so I have been advising them via texts and also sending many photos to my mom to lift her spirits. She has been so ill she has requested no visitors or phone calls so we are doing our best with texting and what not. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


      1. Oh, Brenda, Bless you!!! Yes that is one series I am seriously proud of. It was all of 11 degrees F that day when I took those pictures. It was a true feat of Love!!! Much Love! ❤


    1. If you ever get this way, I highly recommend Niagara Falls in Canada. The USA side is not as big nor dramatic. Yes it holds it own charm, but it is the Canadian side most people come to see. 🙂 ❤


      1. Oh, it is! My photos do not do it justice at all. Those Falls are huge, Angel, and just standing there gives you thrills, chills and a feeling of being so small compared to them. It’s a rush!

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  1. I was on your blog for today’s posts (July) and saw this across the top. Wow! I especially like the one of the photographer. You were out there, too, and it is Your pictures I found. Sometimes there is more than expensive equipment, though I would not turn it down if offered.

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    1. I have better equipment today yet I still managed to capture some pretty amazing pictures in the freezing cold. I was so psyched I honestly didn’t feel the cold though I did dress like a polar bear. I’m so glad you viewed these because I consider them quite the achievement. ☺️

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    1. Thank you, Jeanne. In looking back, it is hard for me to believe I actually did this in very cold temperatures. Yet that cold made for some really incredible pictures. Much Love to you this day! 💝


    1. Thank you! It was extremely cold that day yet I was determined to photograph these Great Falls frozen as I was told that they were. And sure enough I was not disappointed. So glad you enjoyed seeing this! 😁

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    1. Thank you! Those were taken with inferior equipment compared to what I now have today. I have every intention when my life gives me relief, I again go, this time with super cameras and lenses. LOL Oh what fun! Niagara Falls is such a powerful and beautiful place! And I am so lucky to live so near. xo

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  2. Just seeing this post for the first time. Awesome! We went there in January quite a few years ago. It was the most amazing experience. Everything, absolutely everything was coated in ice (even our jackets became coated with ice from the spray) and yet the falls were still flowing. I am not a photographer and the camera I had at the time definitely did not do it justice, but these photos remind me of the awe and astonishment that we felt during that experience. My daughters and I were laughing with delight the whole time. The falls are amazing in both summer and winter. I always recommend people try the winter experience.


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