My pictures are best viewed at my blog site, not the reader. My theme has full screen capacity for my images. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In our greatest weakness lies our greatest strength. Yet to make the change from weak to strong Choice must be employed to overcome fear, Fear of facing that which keeps us weak, Void of … Continue reading Alchemy

And So It Is

And so it is the day dawned sunny but very chilly. In my excitement of perhaps finding early Spring ducks, I neglected to put on my thinking brain. Sure the last park I went to the fast moving creek was flowing, yet a pond? Well, I did get the last laugh let me tell you. … Continue reading And So It Is

To Know

To know what love is what love isn’t has to be experienced first and then and only then real love becomes known to the heart. ~~~~ I get super nervous photographing people as I feel it is an invasion of privacy. If I do take human pictures it mostly is from the back or in … Continue reading To Know

Ode To Mother (7 IMAGES)

Is it the mystery surrounding you that continuously draws me? Is it the longing held within my aching breast that cries for your touch? Is it the countless¬†feelings stirred and provocatively evoked since first we met? What, what keeps pulling me to you always hungering for¬†more never truly¬†satisfied no matter the times our paths crossed? … Continue reading Ode To Mother (7 IMAGES)


Not forgiving for times long past brings only hell to the one not forgiving. Life’s too short and too precious to stubbornly insist unforgiveness sticks. ~~~~~ In 1984, I had a NDE.¬† Much of what I experienced while in that state has been wiped from my memory.¬† One very strong Pearl of Wisdom I was … Continue reading Forgiveness

The Good Fight

As promised, I kept an eye on the Rose I wrote about in my last post.¬† This is my report. ~~~~~~~~ She made a Valiant Effort She fought the Good Fight Yet when She heard the Call She succumbed So Angels would bring Her Home. And as They did She was told Her time had … Continue reading The Good Fight


Transitions.¬†¬† We all know them.¬† The phases of Life when we leave behind an aspect of our Lives to begin a new one.¬† Both frightening and exciting, these phases, depending on our perspective, can lead to New Horizons of New Worlds.¬† We can go to those New Horizons kicking and screaming, or we can elect … Continue reading Transitions

Bush Bud WOW!

[Last week I had a conversation with Neihtn regarding my “Dream Camera”. In taking the photograph that is below, I realized that my Canon 50D is a keeper. Neihtn, look what my Dream Camera can do! (smile)] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two days ago, I set up my (new) tripod upon seeing some intensely amazing buds, both on … Continue reading Bush Bud WOW!

I Am Loved

I am Loved just for who I am. Are you? ~~~~~~ This precious feline is my Molly, who lives with Congestive Heart Failure. If you are really observant you can see some of her whiskers are bent and will eventually break. Her whiskers are also sparse. Not only is she dealing with CHF but now … Continue reading I Am Loved

Return To Love (9 MACROS)

05 05 14_1704_1
With head thrown back
my jaw a-slack

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Dance of Life (12 IMAGES)

[Yes, this is the SPECIAL one I promised. You talk about straight from my HEART? You will understand when you read it and view it. With Love, Amy]


04 24 14_0907_1
When I was a mere child
of only five years of age

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