I Am Loved


I am Loved just for
who I am.
Are you?

This precious feline is my Molly, who lives with Congestive Heart Failure. If you are really observant you can see some of her whiskers are bent and will eventually break. Her whiskers are also sparse. Not only is she dealing with CHF but now it seems OCD for Molly licks her fur clear off her belly and rubs her face so hard to leave scents, she breaks them. Why is she doing this? I do not have the answer for that. All I know is that she fights to stay alive yet to be “sick” as she is, has turned into a nervous condition.

As her dis-ease progresses, Molly slowly degenerates. There are days my eyes fill with tears when I look at her. She is just so gorgeous, and a fighter bar none. She has yet told me she is finished fighting, so I do my best to help her each and every day by giving her the heart medications prescribed by our Vet, herbal pain medication when she needs it, cupping and clapping to encourage circulation in her lungs, and just LOVING her every chance I get.

When you gaze at her beautiful little face, know how much she is Loved by me. The Heart ache at times is almost too much to bear when I see Molly struggle and locked now into this OCD cycle. I’ve noticed with a lot of encouragement on my part and lots of verbal and tactile interaction, Molly decreases her constant licking.

Thank you for reading about our Molly. She is truly an Inspiration to me. This photo was taken with my macro lens, and due to the shadows was not easy for me to edit. I did my best to show you Molly’s true Essence. I Hope in turn, Molly’s story has inspired you today!!

Photography/ “I Am Loved” 2015©AmyRose