Shifting perspective from ugly thoughts to those of High bring JOY to the Heart with Love nipping right behind JOY’s heels ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Shifting” September 2016¬©AmyRose I’m keeping comments open if you would like to comment. ¬†I have yet to answer some comments from my previous post from yesterday. ¬†I am also … Continue reading Shifting

Face A Place

When you face a place you know without doubt will lead to Heart break you have two choices. You can either succumb to depression and despair or you can accept what is with a Calm and Peaceful Heart. ~~~~~~ No digital art. ¬†Photograph seen as captured. MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Face A Place” July2016¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Face A Place


It is not possible to control Life for when you do fear controls you. Instead, know that which¬† you can control — ¬†how your “react” to Life as too your actions. ~~~~ Photograph of my Lavender MF Macro Without Photography/ “Know” July2016¬©AmyRose My Karma has been pulled through a Life Crisis. ¬†Today for the … Continue reading Know

Letting Go

When is the last time you danced like no one¬† was watching? ~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Letting Go” 6-2016¬©AmyRose *I have begun and will continue to publish aspects of my Life on a regular basis. ¬†These are not fabrications. ¬†My Heart has been guiding me to show you ME, my Life, and … Continue reading Letting Go

Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)

Lending me your shoulder at this time of my Life I am deeply grateful to you for. Thank YOU! I Love you! ~~~~ Flowers are: ¬†1) Campanula ‘Freya’ ¬† ¬†2) Mesa Verde Ice Plant MF Macro Photography Without Tripod/ “Thank YOU” 6-2016¬©AmyRose Dear Friends, the tragedies are just not ceasing. ¬†Barely able to feel … Continue reading Thank YOU! (2 IMAGES)


Not forgiving for times long past brings only hell to the one not forgiving. Life’s too short and too precious to stubbornly insist unforgiveness sticks. ~~~~~ In 1984, I had a NDE.¬† Much of what I experienced while in that state has been wiped from my memory.¬† One very strong Pearl of Wisdom I was … Continue reading Forgiveness


Movement in Stillness is the Path of Peace ~~~~ How I managed to get this shot, I do not know.¬† I believe, however, Lady Luck was on my side! It was cold, bitterly cold and windy.¬† Standing on a plastic chair that was sinking in the mud, I had to balance to stay upright on … Continue reading Stillness


Even through the toughest of times stand your Sacred Ground …. stand tall as you wait for that day (no matter how far off) to arrive which gives rise to opportunity for you to courageously show all your True Colors. ~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Waiting” 2016¬©AmyRose I have been watching this tiny little Crocus … Continue reading Waiting


Darkness shall flee when Light is used to see ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Light” 2016¬©AmyRose *Trying again this week to blog.¬† I’m still recovering from being so ill.* Continue reading Light

A Twist On Life

Life all by itself is not about to come to you saying, “Here am I all set for you.” (Aladdin’s Magical Lamp Effect) ŌÜ No.¬† Sorry.¬† Not going to happen. ŌÜ Learning how to approach Life passionately is an active attitude of “I’m willing to work with Life in order to create with Life.” ŌÜ … Continue reading A Twist On Life


As you seek Shelter amidst a strong storm Know the Sun will be shining on a near future morn. ¬†Photography/ “Know” 2015¬©AmyRose 3/26/15 (Photo taken with Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens) Continue reading Know

Seek (5 Images)

Seek that which is Love ~~~~~~~~~~~ Seek that which is Joy ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seek that which is Truth ~~~~~~~~~~ And all this and more ~~~~~~~~~~ Shall come unto you. ~~~~~~~~~~ MF Photography/ “Seek” 2015¬©AmyRose (The buds that you see here are tiny. Their approximate size is between .25 of an inch (6.35mm), to .50 of an … Continue reading Seek (5 Images)

A Promise (5 Images)

A promise is a promise and nothing would deter me from delivering my promise … not water nor mud, not wind nor rain. So a white chair I did fetch to carefully stand upon to bring to Cynthia captures of my Spring. These are for you, Cynthia, and for all of you who still have … Continue reading A Promise (5 Images)

The New (3 Images)

For many many Moons the New lay hidden unseen unknown by all. The winds howled the nights blackest ever been as bitterness’ breath froze Life itself. The weary strong who carry Hope within their Beating Hearts refused to give up that New would yet be revealed. One day did dawn when Hope waned low within … Continue reading The New (3 Images)

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, my Friends! May this day bring to you Much Love along with mine. May these flowers I give to you brighten your day bringing much JOY to your Heart. Photography/ “Happy Easter” 2015¬©AmyRose 4/5/15 (These are some of the flowers I bought for myself to enjoy in remembrance of my Dad today. I … Continue reading Happy Easter

Pressed “Buttons”

When¬† painful “buttons” at times get pressed consider them Golden Opportunities in which to grow and rise above that which is intended to hurt so that we can practice maintaining High Heart in the Light of Love. For BloomLisa Photography/ “Pressed “Buttons” 2015¬©AmyRose 3/29/15 Continue reading Pressed “Buttons”