Healing Begins

The day dawned bright and sunny. With superhuman effort I pulled myself from off the bed consumed with pain so deep there was no end. Surrounded by so much death over and over again, does something to the one left behind who loves those who die. Yet, the day called me, persisting I grab my … Continue reading Healing Begins

YOW, Surprise!

Oh. My. God. PAIN! Fire in my forearm ignited as I rapidly stepped back, dropping what I had been holding. I couldn’t believe what just happened for it had never before. And here I just got through saving a life when another of its kind stung me. Last Friday a yellowjacket …. think huge black … Continue reading YOW, Surprise!


Many may ask where is God in this world gone mad? My answers to those who do not see …   In the sunlit grasses swaying in the wind   In the innocence of a sleeping cat   Ready to meet you on the Rocky Road   Found in the golden silence of the trees … Continue reading Where?

Nature Talks

How many of you have had a conversation with Nature lately? I had fun the other day as I really connected with some Beauties and had some rather interesting interactions. Wanna see? Well then, let’s continue!   “Gosh I just went through bird-birth and I’m pooped!” *Female Mallard Duck*   “It’s been such a cold … Continue reading Nature Talks

A Day In The Park

Escaping the moment I could to catch Mother’s Ongoing Spring Show, I swiftly entered another entirely alternate World. Hubby and I have been quite involved with a major to-do here when our 17-year old Bella lost her balance and fell off a chair, landing on her side on a hardwood floor. ¬†She loves sitting on … Continue reading A Day In The Park

Time Flies

[Wilson Warbler] Where has time gone? I’ve barely been here most of the Summer. If it has not been $600 worth of plants being put into the ground by me (no worries you shall see my gardens), it has been one cat crisis after the other. And then every chance I get I run over … Continue reading Time Flies


*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attempts with new types of photography shots yesterday represented me celebrating my victory in finishing my huge gardening project. I went for a leisurely bike ride first though, after hubby so kindly put air in my tires. If it were me, I would have just gotten … Continue reading Wings

Cat And Mouse

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck* ….. wait a minute! ¬†That’s not right! ¬†That’s not how this¬†story goes. ¬†The mouse ran up the screen door. ¬†No rhyme here but nonetheless it’s true. ¬†Shall I now start from the beginning of this tale? I had just fallen asleep when Hubby … Continue reading Cat And Mouse

Echo (Video)

Below is a video of Echo, our precious deaf outdoor cat. ¬†Hubby and I are bringing him into our Vet tomorrow morning at 9am to get a complete blood panel done. ¬†This sweetheart was kicked out of his owner’s house years ago and was living in the barn next door. ¬†He now lives in our … Continue reading Echo (Video)

I Love You

*Picture is of Rusty who is taking Tee’s death very hard. ¬†Tee was Rusty’s special brother. ¬†You can actually see the pain on his face and in his eyes.* Three words, “I Love you”, have gotten stuck in my throat lately. ¬†I question how those words can be said when the other person doesn’t know … Continue reading I Love You

Passage (12 IMAGES)

Storms in life as Mother would say ~~~ bring new growth, ~~~ yet as we but know especially those who have wandered far ~~~ the construction found within new growth hurts. ¬†Oh yes. ¬†Hurts. ~~~ Always always light does come ~~~ after each storm ~~~ so to encourage those of you ~~~ with queasy tums … Continue reading Passage (12 IMAGES)

Update On Tee

For all of you who read my post yesterday about Tee,¬†Subhuman Strikes, to my absolute relief Tee¬†turned up at our house around 8:30 last evening. ¬†Limping very badly but seemingly not worse for all he has been through, I managed to get pain medications in him, spent precious moments with him, and when I knew … Continue reading Update On Tee