Inner Journey

My Intention with this post is to assist you to understand better what you experience on your own Inner Journey. Friends, it is of utmost necessity that I close comments for a while. My life is just bursting at the seams and I must eliminate some portions in order to achieve all that has to … Continue reading Inner Journey


In the space that Stillness holds between the out-breath and life-giving inhale that Place when one phase ceases and the next yet to come this is where all Possibilities lay. The Place where Conception is conceived. The blind shall see a scape of starkness void of life yet those that see shall with exhilarated owned … Continue reading Conception


A little while ago, I told my story of how I not only conversed with but also fed a spider in our home. Well, two days ago this spider now all grown up, stopped again by my kitchen, slid down the kitchen sink and began to have a long drink of water. However, he had … Continue reading Water


When Light becomes greater than the dark within the same existence of space, all dark shall be seen, in both the individual and the world. Humanity’s consciousness is becoming brighter and lighter and consequently, those things of the dark that desire to be in the dark, are no longer. As a result, the dark recoils … Continue reading Light

I AM So Grateful

I AM so Gratefulfor the Gifts Mothersoulfully grants me. Generously She endows mewith Her implicit trustas I behold Her Sacred Magic. I AM given Inspirationso that I in turncan share with you. Can you hear the Message?It’s found in Light …The Message of Love. ©2023 AmyRose Photography ….. all rights reserved. Continue reading I AM So Grateful

Wide Open

For Goodness Sake! Even the walls were closing in on me! I had to find open spaces so my heart and spirit could soar. In all directions I looked from out of my windows, all the outdoor spaces I once had to see the full sky are now gone. That day I felt it. Suffocation … Continue reading Wide Open

Look UP!

When you have your attention on your phone what is around you disappears. You are pulled into a pseudo world not of the present NOW. It is meant to distract pulling you away from living life all backed by a plan to steal your power. How so? It is a trap that ensures you do … Continue reading Look UP!


It has become increasingly evident there are two main timelines in existence today, one based on fear conditioning [ie. mainstream media, world wide traumatic events, and “other” negative influences] while the second one is based on heart-centeredness, creation and joy, love and peace. Even in our volatile world, some of us have learned how to … Continue reading Timelines

The Grey Zone

It appears people have been caught in what I call the Grey Zone in my neck of the woods. We seem to be going round and round with no forward motion nor with any real motivation. Some throw themselves into busy busy busy, spinning round and round, going faster and faster, but sadly in actuality … Continue reading The Grey Zone

Love And Peace

T’is the Season of Love and Peace. I therefore invite all of you to envision for the oncoming years, we learn to be love and peace every day, every moment. When we do, we then can extend encouragement to all sentient beings to participate in the very essence of this holiness. May all of you experience … Continue reading Love And Peace

My Family Grows

It’s not often I find myself at a loss for words yet lately I’m filled with deep emotion that surpasses words. What I am witnessing in our very backyard goes beyond comprehension. As I am witnessing these events, my humbleness and Gratitude expand exponentially. There is so much love radiating from our home, that birds … Continue reading My Family Grows


“The more you connect to Love, the more the Flower of Life grows.”~~~~~~~~~Quote by me from vision seen while sungazing yesterday.~~~~~~~~ A fews days back, I had an encounter of the human kind that left a mark on my heart and a knot in my stomach. “Mother, my heart cried, I call for your healing … Continue reading Gratitude

The Journey

Diving into the deep end of the pool as I did in my last post, necessitates heading to the shallow end to float in simple when the appropriate time arrives to do so. That in turn brings Balance to life. Expanding consciousness is magnificent and marvelous and all that, but there comes a time when … Continue reading The Journey

What Is Truth?

I’ve been reading a book called, “Compendium of the Emerald Tablets” by Billy Carson and arriving at page 15, I saw a list that Sir Isaac Newton translated from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, written in Thoth’s Atlantean language. The second sentence on that list states, “That which is below is like that which is … Continue reading What Is Truth?