Return To Love (9 MACROS)

05 05 14_1704_1
With head thrown back
my jaw a-slack

05 03 14_148_2
my hands clasped tight
05 03 14_1526_3
the means to bring in Light.
05 05 14_1659_3
As heart is seen through camera’s eye
05 04 14_1747_5
Love is met, ‘tween I and sky.
05 03 14_1601_6
Clouds a-billow with some aglow
 while the windows to Heav’n open the Flow.
05 03 14_1503_8
 And so my Soul oh does soar
 05 05 14_1687_7


 as Angels’ Sweet Songs unlock the doors

04 27 14_0987_9

 so the Return to Love will never again part.
And so it is!

Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose

**The sky shots YES were taken by my macro lens. Please note on the Periwinkle (image 1) and the Pansy (image 3) the glow of Light. This is not any kind of manipulation on my part. This truly is what it is. LIGHT. How anyone can say there is not a Higher Power is beyond me. What Mother is showing me is blowing my mind! Number 4 photo is a baby fern. The pointed leaf is that of one of my Lilac Bushes, and the clasping hands the name of this flower eludes me. The budding flower is a Hellabore. The yellow and red one is a Tulip. I really hope you enjoyed this! I know I did. I was taken away into Majick when I photographed these images. I was stunned!**

62 thoughts on “Return To Love (9 MACROS)

      1. If YOU knew how YOU just encouraged me, you would be doing cartwheels. Hardly anyone said anything about these photos, which in your terms, “rocked” and in my opinion “rock” as well. Perhaps it is time for me to do ONE photo per post. Maybe there are too many to look at, especially seeing how most people are in such a hurry these days. I think that is what I will start doing. Just presenting one photo. Yeah, that is what I say now, but then my Heart goes and says something different. Yep. But I cannot thank you enough!!! Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy


      2. Yes, like a rockstar they rock!!! Doing one photo per post or keeping up posting several photos per post?I think if you post only one photo, a visitor can concentrate on that particular photo. So, may be a deeper effect will be created. But my vote is with posting several photos at a time. When someone looks over a photo, he says wow. Then another one appears before him, he again says wow. Then another one appears and the viewer is speechless now. It’s like bullets shot one after another!


      3. Oh, how you make me laugh!! Thank you!! You just confirmed that I keep following my Heart no matter what. Sometimes I do have posts with only one picture. Then I have my mini ones that have 2 or 3 photos. Then there are those that I posted today, the WHAMEE. I wish I could HUG you right now. I have such a huge smile on my face!! You are really special, you know that? I am so glad you came into my life!!! (((HUGS)) Amy


    1. I had to run with my camera to get those clouds, Indah. They were quite a show. Did you notice the tree that turned all red from the sunset? Yep, that tree is not red. It’s red from the light of the sunset. That was another WOW! Love, Amy


  1. Do you write your poetry to match your images, vice versa, or something else? I find fascinating your combination of words and images and was just wondering what your process is like.


    1. Good question and I will be more then happy to answer it. Usually the WORDS come first … then I look at the photos I have, OR I take photos with the words in mind. Then I match photos to the words that I “heard”. It is quite the process and it always amazes me that what is created is so darn beautiful. I match the images to the words for real impact regarding what the words are saying. I am guided by a Higher Source, and always always by my Heart as well. Bless you for being curious. I hope my answer helped. Love, Amy

      Liked by 1 person

    1. OH LISA!! You noticed the glowing red tree!! Awesome!!!! That was the sunset’s reflection! How cool is that? I got lucky being in the right place at the right moment! Bless you! Love, Amy


    1. Don, there you are! Good afternoon! I am just about ready to close this iPad, go to my laptap and prepare for the morrow’s posts. Whew. Another busy day here with windows being replace with the attempt to keep all cats calm. Not doing so well in that department. OK. See you later, gater!!! xx …


    1. Thank you, Lora. Thank you!!! I just saw you so I had to answer before I work on tomorrow’s posts. Hoping you’ve been wrapped in my Love …. (smile) Love, you sis!


  2. Beautiful pictures and words. I especially loved the red tree and the way that it stood out. It’s so relaxing to read your posts and you have such a beautiful eye for the details!! HUGS ♥ Kathy


    1. Kathy, thank you! I was in the right spot at the right moment for that tree. It was reflecting the sunset. It glowed, positively glowed. And I am thrilled how much you are enjoying my posts. Bless you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. The “feeling” that overcame me as I stared in wonder at the glowing trees around me. It was magical! I have some other shots of that spectacular sunset that evening which I know I will use when my heart directs me to. Love, Amy


    1. Hi, Passion! This one took quite a bit of work. A lot of thought went into it. The words came to me first then I had to match the words with photos. Bless you for your kind and encouraging words to me! Love, Amy


    1. *tears smarting eyes* Bless you, my fashion friend for saying these words. I really worked hard on this one. I am thrilled you are enjoying my work. I do get discouraged when so many view my work but don’t seem to be hearing the words that are being said. LOVE. I cannot say it in enough ways. I know this poem was a bit challenging to understand, but that’s OK. I left room for imagination. Now I am coming over to see you!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. Amy, such beautiful photos and words to go along. I love how you give a rundown of what each one is at the end. It helps for people like myself, as we watch your petals unfold. Lol Have a beautiful day. 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much. I have begun to explain the more difficult photos (HUH? what is that?) so that you the viewer knows. The way I photograph, is different, and there are times if you knew what a small area I am in, you wouldn’t believe it, for the photo looks so BIG. So glad you are enjoying my work!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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