Love And Peace

T’is the Season of Love and Peace. I therefore invite all of you to envision for the oncoming years, we learn to be love and peace every day, every moment. When we do, we then can extend encouragement to all sentient beings to participate in the very essence of this holiness. May all of you experience … Continue reading Love And Peace


My jaw dropped! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another jaw dropper! No wonder I was fascinated when I studied Anatomy and Physiology in college!! We are such Beings of Splendor and Perfection! Know this and as you do, you will free the bondages that keep you from your Sovereignty. The image below is of one cell. I am doing … Continue reading Sovereignty


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.   He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides the still waters,   He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.   Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of … Continue reading Prayer

Hold Strong

Once again I am speaking frankly to all who read this post, for to be any other way would be both deceitful and just plain wrong. I don’t believe in lies or cheating or harming another. In addition, I will not allow anyone or anything to change who I AM, a¬†Sovereign BEing¬†of Light. Wednesday of … Continue reading Hold Strong

Holy Ground

Words at times escape me as I struggle to convey my experiences to you in those times I walk on Holy Ground in the forests I frequent. I’ve been at times lifted so high by what I was seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, that I transcended time into NO-TIME. A Bible verse came to me out … Continue reading Holy Ground


When you step into maturity with an added bonus of knowing precisely who you are, you will not tolerate anyone taking any of your power from you.   Uh-uh. No way. Don’t even think about it. You own you. No one else!   You’ve worked too darn hard to meekly say b-a-a-a-a but rather you … Continue reading HOME


  When you are finished with drama, fear, violence, corruption, lies, manipulation, lawlessness, all sorts of evil of every kind, and instead choose Love, you will discover for yourself a brand new world Within; and as you do, the more you exist in this new world the more it will exist in your Without. ~~~~~ … Continue reading Verde


*Play music as you view this post. You may also wish to bookmark this video to both watch and listen to.*   *I¬†think¬†therefor¬†I AM …* I AM Abundance   I AM Free-In-Spirit   I AM Love   I AM Creation   I AM Sacred   I AM Purity   I AM Divinity   I AM … Continue reading I AM

Night Light

Despite what is occurring in our collective lives regarding health, regarding relationships, regarding family and work, we were all born with free will to choose how we will live. So with this is mind …. Be Peace   Be Compassion   Be Light   Be Love   Be Kindness   Be Comfort   Be You … Continue reading Night Light


Many may ask where is God in this world gone mad? My answers to those who do not see …   In the sunlit grasses swaying in the wind   In the innocence of a sleeping cat   Ready to meet you on the Rocky Road   Found in the golden silence of the trees … Continue reading Where?

Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)

Broken and bare God’s Grace still showed ~~~~ that day the alchemy flowed ~~~~ Branches bowed acknowledging God’s watchful eye ~~~~ caring for all both big and small ~~~ The Sun itself proclaimed “This is Holy Ground” ~~~~ As with eyes just huge looking all around ~~~~ ¬†felt Infinite Bliss from Mother’s Mysterious Kiss ~~~~ … Continue reading Ecstasy (8 IMAGES)

The Way

And so I see Angels have again made the Way for you and me to follow or flee ~~~ Photograph taken at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park, NY I shot this image pointing my camera into the sun, which supposedly you don’t do, according to the rules of photography. ¬†I don’t tend to follow rules … Continue reading The Way

Prayer (2 IMAGES)

Prayer without Heart connection projects only empty words ~~~~~~~ Photography/ “Prayer” December 2016¬©AmyRose This “experiment” inadvertently happened. ¬†Upon my first shot in¬†this series on my photo shoot last Saturday, my image I captured¬†was blue. ¬†I stood there in absolute shock, not knowing what in the heck turned my image blue. ¬†I looked at my … Continue reading Prayer (2 IMAGES)

Perfect Love

Perfect Love notwithstanding commands all fear to flee for fear cannot exist in the Light of Love ~~~~ Photography/ “Perfect Love” 2016¬©AmyRose I must admit I was being¬†affected by not only personal family difficulties but also the tremendous chaos in this world. ¬†I pulled myself up from the “sinking feelings”¬†to¬†again¬†realize the most effective way … Continue reading Perfect Love


In order to live freely as we are destined to live we must completely let go the past that hovers like a demented ghost and only then we are free in ways we never before dreamed ~~~~ MF Photography/ “Destiny” 2016¬©AmyRose Living where I live in WNY means that many a day is overcast. … Continue reading Destiny

The Transient Visitor

When we with deliberation strip ourselves layer by layer totally of all our roles of all our relationships of all our identifying 3D factors that define¬†explicitly who we are transient visitors upon this Earth, do any of us really know conviction¬†beyond doubt without shred of¬†evidence as to who we are when we dare stand bare … Continue reading The Transient Visitor


Eternity ripples thought thought splashes color color creates form form becomes Love Love births Life Life breathes God. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Creation” July 2016¬©AmyRose I know. ¬†This one is a thinker. ¬†The words came to me last night and as they did, I just sat staring at them asking, “Just where … Continue reading Creation