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Photography/ “Prayer” December 2016©AmyRose

This “experiment” inadvertently happened.  Upon my first shot in this series on my photo shoot last Saturday, my image I captured was blue.  I stood there in absolute shock, not knowing what in the heck turned my image blue.  I looked at my camera.  Was it broken?  No.  Was it the filters I had on?  No, that wasn’t it either.  What in the _____?

I began to check my settings.  Low and behold I had my WB on Tungsten because the night previous I was taking some test shots of my kitchen.  I had totally forgotten I had changed my WB.  Almost deleting the blue image, I said, “No, wait a minute.  Let me see what I can do.”

So, began my experiment.  The two images above are of the exact same area of Blossom Falls but the first one is taken with a WB of Tungsten and the second one is taken with a WB of cloudy.  No digital art was applied to the first image.  Yes this is actually how it looked when I saw it not only on my LCD panel, but in my editing room as well.

Amazing how only one small change can make this much difference.  Hmmm …. That ought to make you think.  I know it does me!!

In closing, I learned a huge Lesson that day.  Yes even wind can and does effect a camera locked on a tripod while shooting long exposures.  Almost every single frame I shot including this one was affected by the winds that were blowing that day.  None of the waterfalls I took came out crystal clear as I am used to seeing.  I having no control over Mother learned that day that when windy I will not be shooting long exposures.  Those winds shook my camera which had a very heavy lens on it.  Believe it or not!

Yet when I turned around in the opposite direction to shoot what was behind me, my camera did not shake.  Ah, the wind while shooting waterfalls was hitting my lens right on and in turning the winds hit my back so I blocked them from hitting my lens.  Now I have to know from which direction the wind is blowing from! All in the day of a life of a photographer …

❤ ❤ ❤

69 thoughts on “Prayer (2 IMAGES)

    1. Van, there is so much to take into consideration when shooting from off this bridge. I figured out any vehicle crossing that bridge vibrates it, so I had to wait to make sure there was no traffic before I hit the shutter button. I never took into consideration the wind. Now I know. Experience speaks for itself and many times I learn by oops, making an error in judgment. I also have to figure out which height to bring the tripod to and from what angle to shoot from as well. All that too I had figured. Crossing fingers wind is last item to check off list. LOL ❤

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  1. You still got gorgeous results, dear Amy! Dreamy and beautiful ❤ I made the same discovery trying to take long exposures of the stormy waves in October…mine we not usable 🙂

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    1. Tiny, there is a feature in PS under sharpen called “shake reduction”. I’ve managed to save some of my images with this feature. Just play around with it because the sliders dictate how much you want sharpened, how much detail to keep, how much smoothness you want. Good luck!!! The heavier that lens the more of a chance of shake. It gets tricky as you well know. There is a lot more to photography then what first meets the eye. Have a great weekend, dear friend!! ❤


  2. Absolutely Stunning Amy! Just love the blue and seeing the images below it and the transformation. Good tip on the wind and the vibration. I don’t have a expensive camera but do have a setting for “shakiness”. Works great. Hugs ❤

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    1. Kathy, I too have an Image Stabilizer and OOPS another mistake … I had it ON! Oh man! Your comment made me realize my mistake. SIGH! When on tripod using long exposure (especially) you have to have IS off. Honestly every time I turned around that day I was making a mistake. When IS is on, the camera will find “shake” in order to correct it. When using a tripod, usually (no wind) that camera is rock still. It’s a wonder any of my images came out as good as they did. I was in such a hurry that day, really was not in the mood to do what I was because I still was not adjusted to the cold and was feeling tired … another sigh. Angels must have been with me. That is all I can say. Note to self: Turn IS off when using tripod! I will put that note right on my long range lens! No joke! ❤

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      1. The cold can make you tired and totally understand. Thanks for the tip about IS since I hope too take some Christmas pictures if the deep freeze eases us. We have a beautiful park that has “Holiday Lights”. You normally drive through it but want to get out if possible. Glad we have Angels around us ❤

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      2. When hand holding make sure IS is on. When using tripod it needs to be OFF. Lots to remember and to do. When I use my tripod which is not often I can get overwhelmed. There are just so many levers and adjustments. I’m not sure where I will end up for lights but like you we are in for very cold temps. That being said I’m not sure if I will be out in those cold temps. I’ll see. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Marissa. As I have just recently realized this was not the only mistake. *sigh* Some days … really! Now with hindsight it’s a wonder any of my images even came out. LOL Hope you are having a good weekend! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Beautiful water falls, no matter their color. The blue one looks for me like it was photographed in the night 🙂
    I have had many challenges with the wind, even I don’t have such special cameras, as you are using. Sometimes I can fix it, but not always.
    Love ❤ Irene

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    1. BIG smile here, Irene. You’ve made me so happy knowing you enjoyed this post. Thank you! Ah yes the wind can be very challenging especially when working with a tripod. I learned a very precious lesson that day. 🙂 ❤

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    1. I laughed out loud and hard when I read your comment, Mark, and am still giggling. You are so funny!!! Ya never know until you try what you can do even if that be an accident. I really was standing there upon the first image shot saying HUH? Now do you know why I laugh at me all the time? Tee hee ………. 😂😂😂

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  4. The blue is actually a pretty cool effect, Amy. So many things go into good photos. Whenever I dare to start using the manual mode, inevitably I forget and the next day, I take some scary photo as a result. One of those turned out to be one of my favorite photos.

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    1. LOL Good to know I’m not the only one who forgets. In responding to another comment I realized I left the Image Stabilizer ON which must be turned OFF when using a tripod. *sigh* Yet Angels truly must have been with me because I really did get some, (not all) good images. I’m still patting myself on the back with the steel beamed image I took. Hope you are having a great weekend!! ❤

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    1. That’s just more to carry, Michael. Braces are used as well but not sure if my lens has a brace connection. I don’t believe it does. As long as there is little wind I’m OK. That and remember to turn Image Stabilizer OFF which is something else I didn’t do. It’s a amazing my images came out as good as they did. LOL ❤

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  5. Amazing AmyRose!!! I tend to think of camera settings now like human thoughts and how we can change our outcomes by how we think just as your WB settings can change your photos into blue ethereal pictures.! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this phenomenon….Happy day to you my friend….VK ❤

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    1. You are more then welcome, VK!! I know how powerful thoughts are and in fact, I am in the process of changing a channel right now. We’ve gone from glorious weather to grey endless grey. Having difficulty on adjusting today I adjust my thoughts and follow through with action that will enhance happy endorphins. Happy day to you!!! ❤

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    1. I’ve worked at perfecting my waterfalls technique, Rommel. If you knew how much “wrong” happened when I took these series, you would be puzzled as to how any turned out. Thank you for your compliment! This only enourages me to continue to do my best and then to go beyond that! 🙂 ❤


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