Divine Connection (6 IMAGES)

Divine Connection
begins with the Mind

for when the Mind
is filled with lowly thoughts
the Heart hardens

and with that closing
Divine Connection will cease.

Therefore, cleanse your Mind
and rise above from
those lowly thoughts

filling instead your Mind
with gentle loving thoughts
and in so doing

Divine Connection
will flow once again.

When I took the images you see here today, I had the words that I had written heavily on my Mind.  Intentionally I looked for scenes to match those words.

I am a work in progress fluctuating between Serenity and Sadness yet now I am very aware of the thoughts that exist in my Mind.  Even though I experienced incredible loss, it is my responsibility how I react and how I maintain my Integrity with myself.  With each dawn of a new day, I search my Mind deliberately looking for lurkers of unwanted darkness.  And if found, I concentrate to transmute those thoughts into Love and warmth.

Perhaps I will get very lucky this year and have actual color all year round.  Perhaps these leaves will stay on the trees.  Most of the trees you saw are Oak trees which to my knowledge are about the only trees around here yet with foliage on them.  Why?  That I do not know.  But.  The “feelings” they evoke within me bring tears to my eyes.  It’s as though Mother is extending Autumn this year just so that my Heart can return to Joy.  I am so deeply Grateful!  Mother is exploding with Drama this year and I’m drinking it in, every single drop!

Photography/ “Divine Connection”/ November 2017©AmyRose


72 thoughts on “Divine Connection (6 IMAGES)

  1. I’m deeply grateful, that you share your beautiful and color rich autumn with us, dear Amy 🙂
    Much here is still green and even here gets cold in the nights now, there are not many signs of autumn at all. We often go directly to the winter from summer.
    Your poem talked much to me and I will keep it in mind for the coming time.
    Much love to you ❤

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    1. You are SO welcome, Irene. I’m going back out again today in this Forest. I just cannot get enough of this Fall. I’ve must have shot about 2,000 pictures and still I want to take more! I’m glad my words spoke to you … I’m working on that message in my own life right now. If I told you the whole story that unfolded around my Mother’s death, you would know how much this message means to me. Much Love to you, dear friend! 💞

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    1. Oh, Holly!!! I am so humbled and so grateful for your comment. Thank you! I’ve been pouring my Heart into my photography plus this Fall has been THE most gorgeous one I have ever seen. I’m obsessed and just cannot stay away from forests these days. Much Love to you! 💝

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  2. Hi Amy 🙂 Beautiful photos!! I am very thankful that you have taken the time to share your fall photos. ❤ I am gathering them up in my imagination like a chickadee stores seeds for the winter. Love the tall old trees with the leaves underneath and the water and the tree roots and the mix of pine trees. Beautiful! 🙂 ❤ Wishes for you to wake each day a little stronger and more peaceful than the day before. ❤ I am more of a feeling and image person than a word person. For me, sadness shows up in feelings in my body and fogginess in my mind more often than thoughts. I have found that when I feel the tightness and pain in my body and/or the fogginess in my mind/imagination that it is best to take myself on a journey in my imagination out of the fog and into the place of calm and beauty. There I remember that regardless of what is happening or what has happened, there is a bigger picture. I can choose to live in this bigger picture every day. Like you searching your mind for thoughts each morning, I find it is best to consciously take myself in my imagination to the place of calm and beauty each morning and evening. All is well, there. Love and blessings for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I have more pictures coming, Sarah. I hiked yesterday (again) and (again) took over 100 pictures. I’ve become a woman obsessed. Sadness can actually cause disease. I’ve learned over the years that our thoughts effect us much more then we give them credit for. I choose to live in Happy yet I admit some days are more challenging then others. (smile) I hope you are having a great day. As usual I am behind here. LOL Yiveh!! LOL 😂

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      1. Hi Amy 🙂 I am happy to hear you have been out exercising your body and creative spirit! ❤ I look forward to seeing what inspired you. 🙂 It is sunny here for the first time in a while and I have the window open for fresh air. Thank you for your happy wishes. 🙂 ❤ The day is going well. I am busy working on stuff which I am supposed to do. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Love and blessings. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Really beautiful photos, Amy Rose! We too here in WI are still seeing a lot of leaves on the trees. The season was longer and it has kind of messed with the normal autumn cleanup routine. It’s glorious to look at though, and it was odd to rake snowy leaves the other day, but I enjoyed it more for some reason. Every day is a new day, and I hope you find solace on these wonderful walks you allow us to experience with you! ~Anne

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    1. I am finding Solace, Anne, on these hikes and I am so grateful to Mother for healing my woes. This Fall has been Magical through and through and I’ve become like a woman obsessed unable to resist this Beauty that is still here. I’m so happy you enjoyed this post!! Much Love to you! 💖


  4. Grieving is not grieving. Everybody does it in an individual way and happiness and sadness don’t need to be oppositions. Also, a heart that is happy at its core can go through sad times. But the difference is that it will never lose the light out of sight!
    Beautiful words and photos, Amy 😊

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    1. Grieving is not grieving? Sorry, I don’t understand, Erika. I have a happy Heart thank goodness …. more on that for tomorrow’s post. I will never loose that light because when I did it was horrible beyond description. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for commenting. Both are so appreciated!! Much Love to you this day! 🤗


    1. THANK YOU, so so much, Sue. I’m pouring my Heart out through my camera. I’ve been obsessed with our Fall this year. The colors have been completely amazing, nothing that I have ever witnessed before. 🍂☺️

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  5. Hi Amy. Your poetry, about cleansing the mind and reconnecting with the Divine, brought me into a moment of reflection on my own life journey. I don’t look for “lurkers of unwanted darkness” for they will come as they please, but when one is triggered to reveal its face, I make a conscious effort to detach emotional power to it and send it back into the forest of the past and focus on the joys of the moment. As with you, nature and photography are healing friends that I can count on. Love your photos. Such a warming glow for the soul. ❤


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