Announcing …

Last evening a display of vibrant oranges and reds and yellows splashed across the darkening skies. This week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it. Why do I say this? How else could a week be any other then good when the very sky itself announces boldly that this week … Continue reading Announcing …

Light, More Light

Light, more light with each day is seen! ¬†My cats, meek and mild and mostly quiet the cold Winter long, have come alive. ¬†Bonkers they drove me yesterday! ¬†Mom! ¬†Open the door! ¬†Mom! ¬†Pay attention to me! ¬†Mom, why are you cleaning instead of playing with me! ¬†Mom!! ¬†You’re supposed to be chillin’ today, not … Continue reading Light, More Light


Self-Realization comes with it Wisdom accrued with age as the one who realizes on the Self-Realization Path what was thought to be known is not quite known after all ~~~~~ Photography/ “Self-Realization”/ February 2017¬©AmyRose The colors in the skies lately¬†have been mouth dropping spectacular! ¬†I took this image from¬†my kitchen window looking at our … Continue reading Self-Realization


I arrived expecting Fire from my Cherished Sky But instead my sight was led to Succulent Sands below whose Golden Glow out lit the Sky as my Delighted Smile displayed my Guile when know I did I’d found what was hid from within my Yearning Soul … as my Fire fully lit. ~~~~~ [Photo taken … Continue reading Fire

Spectacular Sunset

Bringing along my Samsung Galaxy Camera 2,¬† I went for a walk on the evening of September 1st after a long day of cleaning.¬† Literally I walked into Magic and OH was I ever happy with myself that I had brought along my camera! During that entire walk I was completely entranced by the colors, … Continue reading Spectacular Sunset

The Dream of the Planet Starts with You (Quote)

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 In the Toltec Tradition, we have the concepts of the Personal Dream and the Dream of the Planet.

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The Sun and The Moon (2 IMAGES)

On Thursday of last week, hubs and I went to a outdoor Jazz gig. Yes, I took photos of the band but I was given two Gifts by Mother that astounded me. I saw before me the setting sun through some trees and at the same time the Moon high in the sky.

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Enter The Twilight Zone

Last evening, I entered the Twilight Zone. I wasn’t expecting what I saw before me, and as I did, I knew I had an extremely small window of time to get what my eyes saw transferred to an image. My tripod, set on a gravel bed at the edge of a creek, I quickly repositioned, zoomed in, and shot away,

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Return To Love (9 MACROS)

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With head thrown back
my jaw a-slack

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