Treasure Hunt

Could it possibly be   a bird I’ve wanted to see?   Oh no don’t fly away!   Please let me see   move for me,   turn your head so I can see   a Ruby-crowned Kinglet! YES!! ~~~~ The moment “Ruby-crowned Kinglet” is mentioned to any photographer or birder, the face is transformed … Continue reading Treasure Hunt


In order for the hidden dark to be both diagnosed and assessed the Divine Knife plunges   to incise and to sunder surgically excising¬†a Way for Light to infiltrate making possible   ¬†cauterization of the long forgotten dis-ease destructively devised in long ago past and unconsciously for decades existing,   a monster of epic proportions … Continue reading Transcendental


A jumble of junk carelessly tossed yet … upon a blink and a wink alchemy appears, behold! a playground for fairies of white ~~~~~ There is a standing understanding between my neighbor and me. ¬†His Father-in-Law owns the property seen in this image and for many years has collected junk. The moment this man and … Continue reading Alchemy

Fairy Flutter

I saw my friend from Gone-So-Long fluttering in mid-flight and when Her eyes caressed¬†my face She¬†blossomed¬†in¬†delight With¬†Smile and Song She offered me¬† Her Sacred Cherry Bong … beckoning¬†Bliss¬†to both of us ¬†our Heavenly Fate of Long ~~~~ MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Fairy Flutter”/May 2017¬©AmyRose I’d like to know how many of you had some … Continue reading Fairy Flutter

Blue Bugs Bunny

Blue Bugs Bunny disguised as a flow’r caught I with my powerful eye and when he knew he’d been caught he winking at me mouthed with mirth, “Life’s a blast when you laugh!” ~~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ “Blue Bugs Bunny” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Blue Bugs Bunny

Flying Fish

~~~~~~~~ Now I’ve seen it all! Flying Fish in my garden?!? Just to show you I’ve not gone cuckoo look and see for here They be! ‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď‚Üď MF Macro Photography/ “Flying Fish” 2015¬©AmyRose Continue reading Flying Fish

The Child Within

So many of us battered from Life’s trials and sorrows little by little do loose our giggle. őė Playing and creating and remembering to laugh all bring our Inner Child back to us. MF Photography/ “The Child Within” 2015¬©AmyRose [Petals needed a flower to brighten things up. So here She is.] (Sending my Love to … Continue reading The Child Within

Hold On To Love

I am Heartfully Dedicating this post to two wonderful women whose lives at this present moment have been turned upside down, inside out. Tragedy has struck from out of the blue, leaving both in so much pain.

At times like these, friends struggle as what to say, what not best to say, and how to comfort with Compassion and Love. From my Heart I Gift to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie the following post, hoping that in some small way, I have lifted a tiny portion of their agony. I send my Love to you as I do my best to relay to you, how very sorry I am for your loss. With all my Love, Amy

[Please only leave comments addressed to MichelleMarie and JeanneMarie who have lossed a Loved one last week, and who are grieving. Thank you.]


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The Time Has Come

¬† ¬†¬† Now more then ever the time has come to hear your Heart … ¬† ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• ¬† And with conviction strong honor what Heart says. ¬† ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• ¬† Your Life may depend on those very actions your Heart guides you to do. ¬† ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• ¬† The time has come … ¬† Photography/ “The Time … Continue reading The Time Has Come


We fly together
We fly together —

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Endurance (5 MACROS)

The following post is for a very dear friend, who has been separated from her partner and BeLoved for many months. Through those months we have struck up a friendship, and in so doing, I have come to know a truly beautiful Soul. I speak of a young woman who did not think she would make it, all those months of separation. But, yet, she has, for this coming weekend, she and her BeLoved will be reunited. I was inspired by this young woman, and so the words you are about to read formed within my Mind and put to paper.

This is for you, my friend. Please know how much I have come to cherish you.

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This post is for all of you who are presently in a phase of life that is filled with Change. For some of you (as with me) you do not understand what that Change is, yet you feel it and you know that Change, without a doubt, is upon you. Know you are not alone, … Continue reading Change

Expanding Consciousness (7 IMAGES)

Friends, the following series of photographs are the very last of my first trip to Glen Falls located in Williamsville, NY. That trip happened on July 20, 2014. I hope you really enjoy these images today! Keep in mind, I still have one entire series of Glen Falls from another trip, after we had massive amounts of rain, to share with you!

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