Where? (5 IMAGES)

Where is

the Lightning Streak

when you want one?

Aw, come on!  I thought for sure there would be slashes and streaks across the sky but nope, none were seen.  OH I wanted the Black Night of the Soul to emerge, the very same that broils and erupts in me.  Bring it on, Mother!  Show me what else you’ve got!  That’s it?  Really?

My Mom is dying and that’s it?  You’re gonna tease me with these black-as-night-come-from-nowhere clouds and not give me lightning to even glean upon?  You aint gonna show me your Power to make my hair stand up straight?  What’s wrong with You? You know how much I hurt and dang it I wanna see it!  I want the world at large to know how huge a hole is in my Heart.

You aint gonna get away with this!  Oh no!  I will hunt you down until I see the pain that is in my Heart and capture it with my Therapist.  You will not cheat me of this, oh no You won’t!

Come on!  Bring it on!  I will find what my Heart knows is there even if I have to trudge through tsunamis and tornadoes and more!

Come to think of it, sure looks like I’m beginning to find the destruction in Your world, Mother, that also ravages my Heart …  Since you know the Truth in my Heart, it is pointless to even try to take back the outpouring of words that are filled with anger.  Perhaps today is a good day for me to go for a LONG bike ride?  That ought to put the flames out for a while …

As with all I do, this post was written in Truth.

*First 3 pictures taken yesterday from my next door neighbor’s property.  Last 2 pictures taken on August 12th at Chestnut Ridge Park, NY.*

Photography/ “Where?”/August 2017©AmyRose

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71 thoughts on “Where? (5 IMAGES)

  1. I’m going to take advantage of your having comments open to tell you that you and your mom are in our thoughts and prayers, Amy. Beautiful photos. It’s amazing how much damage the wind can do.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. My mom is really getting very weak and my phone conversations with her have begun to diminish. I really appreciate your thoughts and your prayers because I really am struggling. Yes the wind does some truly spectacular damage and I do plan on going back to the same area at Chestnut to photograph on a cloudy day. Today I go for a bike ride because it is sunny. Much Love to you! 💕🌹💕

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  2. Oh wow Amy, such powerful strong stormy words. I can feel your intense emotion behind every word. Know that I’m thinking of you both and sending love, peace and prayers. ❤️🌹

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    1. Bless you, Miriam. I covet your prayers and all others because they are what is assisting me to get through this black phase of my life. Today I go for a bike ride to put out the flames that are burning my heart. Much Love to you. 🌹💕🌹

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    1. Irene, I really am taking care of myself to the best of my ability. I know if I fall apart or get ill all those that depend on me will suffer. I am not about to let that happen. I’m working right now to get my emotions under control. I will not allow them to destroy me. Much Love to you! 💕🌹💕

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  3. And as Mother breaks down her own old and weak, she makes way for the beauty of renewal and regrowth Amy. She is showing you the way with much love. She can feel your heartbreak and the sorrow and pain that you do, and in sympathy she is going on your journey also. Big hugs beautiful lady, I know it hurts terribly, but underneath it all is that love that you truly know. Let it hold you and comfort these steps ❤

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    1. Sorry, Mark. Some comments are not showing in my notifications and yours was one of them. Bless you for your Support and Love for me at a time of my Life where I would just love to burrow my head in my blankets and not come up again to see the “light”. (((HUGS))) 🌹

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  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with your mom. I thought if anyone could convince Mother for a bit of lightening – it would be you. I believe she is saving it up for another time. Incredible power she has, and a wonderfully, compassionate, grief companion. Sending love ~
    ❤️❤️❤️ Donna

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    1. Donna, when we have eyes to see we will be able to see the reflection that is within us is before us and around us. It’s amazing that my grief, my pain, has been so perfectly mirrored through mMother of late. This is no coincidence, especially seeing how close of a tie, a bond, with Mother I have. Perhaps in Her wisdom she decided no lightning because she did not want me harmed. However, if there comes another time when an opportunity arises for me to photograph lightning, I shall. Bless you for your support, dear friend, and I send you much Love your way this day. 💕🌹💕

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    1. Is it not amazing, Jet, that when we really see that what is around us there truly is a perfect reflection of our emotions? Mother never ceases to make my jaw drop and to confirm that we are all ONE. Bless you for your heartfelt wishes for me. This is so hard in letting my Mom go. Much Love to you this day. 💕🌹💕

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  5. yes, in your art… in your words, your images the truth of your heart is expressed. no hiding. no pulling away. it is, what it is. We. need to do this. To express.
    Thank you Amy for being so open. so sharing. Sending You love, light, hugs, strength and …..more hugs.

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    1. Yes, Debi, I do need to express and I will not deny the fact that powerful emotions are my reality in this Present Moment. Thank you for your graciousness and your support. Bless you for being in my Life. Much Love, 🦋

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  6. I’m sure that storm was no match for what is brewing in your soul Amy. I hope you got your bike ride in. Sending thoughts and prayers for you both. Hugs and love.
    (And if its a storm you really need there is one big bugger hitting the Texas coast soon. )

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    1. Today my storm is quiet but nevertheless I plan on taking a very long bike ride today, if my legs and back will tolerate it. Wrapping my head around what is happening is so hard. We’ll talk soon. Much Love to you, Cheryl. 🦋


    1. God bless you, Audrey. Even though I am falling apart my Love for my Mom and for all who have been reaching out to me does not fail. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. Yes God is with my Mom and me for this I feel. As her conditions deteriorates the answer to my prayer will be answered as she slips easily into unconsciousness and dies at home as she wants to, effortlessly and without struggle. 💖🦋


  7. Very powerfully written, Amy. Your love and frustration come thru well. I had to backtrack to find a place to comment on your latest post, even though you don’t have to read or return the comment. You have been dealt the most devastating blow possible, but your love and the love your Mother has for you shines with every word. You have a strong base to hang on to, and never, NEVER, let anyone tell you to “get over it”. If you hear that from someone let me know and I will bust them in the mouth, or the nose, or more probably slap my own face. I’m a pacifist and couldn’t do that to a living creature. There is no limit on grief. Just build on the love she showed you, the love you have inherited in such abundance from her, and pass it on to your little helpless orphans as she inspires you to do now. You are one with your Mother, one with Mother Earth, and one with the Universe. A bright light is growing dim on this earth, and a new light will soon be seen in the heavens, and she will be there with you for eternity. You are so loved, Amy. ❤

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    1. Angie, your words brought a fresh crying jag but now that my eyes are dry, I must relay to you what a powerful message to me your comment is. The coming loss of my Mom is so overwhelming and so deep I cannot even describe it to you. A huge part of me feels as though it is dying with her. I just established a relationship with her based on Love for only a little over one year and to have this Bright Light taken from me is devastating. I keep telling myself I have to pull myself together for the sake of those I care for yet I must be true to myself as well. I cry. I withdraw. I grieve. I know the pain will not be this acute over time but for now it is all encompassing. Bless you for reaching out to me. My own bio family does not know how to do this and if it were not for the support here I don’t know what I’d do. God bless you, Angie. I will never forget what you said in this comment. 🌈💝🦋

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      1. Amy, would you call me so I can tell you some private things from my own Mom’s passing two years ago this month? There are so many things I understand and would love to share, but if I write them publically someone will throw a net over me and take me to an asylum. Or messenger me your number because I have unlimited free talk time thru my cable company. I have been thru all of this, and even more that most of my family have no idea about because they don’t want to hear it. One thing I will tell you here is that my Mom has come to me since her death and all is now so very well, even though I still find myself picking up the phone to ask a question so often. Tears are a good thing in situations like this, washing away all the pain of the past, and as one of my brothers put it so well, they also water the flowers in a special loving way. The saline from your tears will not hurt the roses Mother has given you the special talent to raise and to keep so sweet, and in those you will find solace.Your special babies also have the special capability of giving the kind of unconditional love that helps heal the heart and soul, and they can sense your feelings and will be there for you when the world seems to turn its collective back. Never, ever forget, Sweet Amy, that you are a special person, and that you are so loved by so many people. I will love you to my dying day, and that is my final gift to you, one not given to many during these days when I have been betrayed by family and friends. I would love to hear your sweet voice but understand if you prefer not at this time. You are in my thoughts and prayers, which extend to your Precious Mom. ❤

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  8. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, Amy Rose. I send prayers her way as you say in your most recent post that she is going “home” ~ May her journey be a peaceful one ~ And may you rejoice in knowing you keep her in your heart. Big hugs ❤

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    1. Bless you, Christy. Yes I know beyond doubt that my Mom is going HOME yet the knowing that on this side of the veil she will be no more, causes pain beyond description. I know too this separation is only temporary yet here too again, the pain of separation here when we Love with all of our Hearts is so difficult. Thank you for your prayers. Yours with so many others are what are assisting me in this great difficult phase of my life. 🦋

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  10. You are in my thoughts and prayers Amy… and so is your Mom.. Those images are breathtaking beautiful in the dramatic storm.. And your words profound..
    I am pleased to be catching up with you Amy.. and your comments are open..
    Love and Blessings to you my friend
    Ooops pressed the follow button instead of the press comment to post comment button.. Just so you know.. Not the first time I did that this week.. as my arrow was hovering in the wrong place

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