I Got The Shot

Yes, it poured.

Yes, the skeeters ate me alive.

Yes, my cell that barely rings rang 4 times, 3 being an unknown number.  Grrrrr ….

Yes, hubby called telling me there is a tornado watch.  So?  It’s only a watch.  Besides today is a good day to die.  I really stood there looking at the sky and thinking that thought.  However … Now let me get my shot …

And I did.

Yesterday I had wanted to return to Chestnut Ridge Park to retake the pictures of where the EF-2 tornado hit but the cloud cover, perfect for pictures, was a bit too heavy.  Then throw in the fact that the weather forecasters’ dire warnings blasted hubby’s paranoia …. severe wind warning, severe thunderstorm warning …. My spontaneity was nipped a bit so I compromised to go to Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Park which is closer to our home.

FYI …. those severe winds and severe thunderstorms much less the tornado, never happened.  That is why I normally take the weather forecast with a grain of salt.  *sigh*

I really wasn’t in the mood to take pics.  Yesterday was D-Day … THE day I begin pulling myself out of the deep rut I had fallen into.  I was exhausted.  All I wanted to do was curl up and sleeeeeeeeeeep.  But what did I do?  I forced myself to a Forest because I knew without doubt that the true beginnings of healing for me would begin surrounded by GREEN.

Darn it!!  I did not bring my umbrella hat which of course could have been useful.  I really did get drenched.  My camera on the other hand did not.  Even after getting the call from hubby that there was a tornado watch (no biggie!) I dragged my feet in getting back to my car.  And I was still taking shots on the way back to my car.  Now that I was in a Forest I did not want to leave.

During that walk in that Forest I stumbled upon a snake chasing a frog, hunting that frog.  That snake was so intent on its prey and so focused it did not budge or slither away when I came upon the scene.  I stood there transfixed, rooting of course for the frog.  I carefully made a wide berth with my feet out of respect and proceeded with my walk trying to not think of what would be happening to the frog.  That’s Nature and I was not about to interfere.

Snake:  Transmutation

Frog:  Cleansing

I’d say Mother’s Message is pretty darn clear.  If we have but eyes to see and an open mind, what is right in front of our noses will be known as the Language of Spirit.

P.S.  No that is not your imagination.  Yes, there are leaves in this image and they are not on the trees.  Leaves have already begun to fall to the ground.  Time waits for no one and Autumn is being felt already.  Where did this Summer go????

Photography/ “I Got The Shot”/August 2017©AmyRose

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