In leaning in close to encourage another   it’s as though Heaven itself conjoins with Earth. ~~~~ Every other year since I have been blogging, I would literally run after the colors seen in Fall. Hundreds if not thousands of pictures have been taken in past years. There is something about Fall that is so … Continue reading Encouragement


There comes a time¬†when knowledge of another’s mistake becomes visible yet with Wisdom’s Whispers the choice is yours to either admit you know or to stay silent¬† all with the Intention foremost that if discretion is chosen ¬†to be silent that action will assist the other ¬†to learn¬†individually¬†how not to repeat that mistake again … … Continue reading Discretion

Spring’s Symphony

Spring’s Symphony The Sweetest Melody Given to you and to me A¬†Serenade¬†without fee ~~~~ For your listening pleasure I included a 2 minute recording of the birds and bullfrogs ¬†at the exact spot that is seen in my image above. ¬†I was so engrossed in listening to the Song of Love all around me I … Continue reading Spring’s Symphony

Perspective and Consequences (2 IMAGES)

When we train ourselves to see Beauty even in those circumstances that some deem ugly magic somehow occurs transforming the mundane into surreal thereby¬†creating a means to spread the Love ~~~~ Photography/ “Perspective And Consequences” November 2016¬©AmyRose http://www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Last week I went for a walk without my Canon 6D with the intention of just going … Continue reading Perspective and Consequences (2 IMAGES)

Every Picture (2 IMAGES)

Within every picture of Life is contained more pictures all unique in of themselves telling their own story that are known to those¬† with¬†eyes¬†that¬†see ~~~~~ Photography/ “Every Picture” October 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Photography taken at Reinstein Woods Reserve Park Continue reading Every Picture (2 IMAGES)


In order to live freely as we are destined to live we must completely let go the past that hovers like a demented ghost and only then we are free in ways we never before dreamed ~~~~ MF Photography/ “Destiny” 2016¬©AmyRose @www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com Living where I live in WNY means that many a day is overcast. … Continue reading Destiny

Gifts In Disguise

There come times in our lives when Life presents to us situations that by far, if given even half a chance, we would rather not have at all. These are Gifts in Disguise wherein opportunities lay hidden for us to find so we grow, bringing out and defining ourselves in ways we have as yet … Continue reading Gifts In Disguise

Fairy Vision

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads. Cherish your children and children Cherish your Dads. ~~~~~~~~~ *Dedicated to all my sisters and brothers.* Panning my camera from left to right waiting for something to grab my sight A light fluttering near my right ear drew my attention as I did hear, “Amy, keep panning … Continue reading Fairy Vision

Temple Of The Trees

Many moons spent we on the River Kwoai, paddling our crafted canoe with blisters on our hands that broke and bled.¬† Not once did we complain, nor did thoughts of ending this expedition come a’pass.¬† With solid conviction in our Breasts, carried on did we.¬† Hope held high, nothing could deter us in our Knowing … Continue reading Temple Of The Trees

Pleasure Delight

This post I dedicate to Angie who just recently tragically lost her Grandson.¬† Angie, may you find healing in both my words and this incredible Gift from Mother.¬† I Love you! ~~~~~~~~ Enraptured in awe Reflections of All the Pleasure Delight of my Soul. Such Beauty astounds hugging me without bound softly alighting without sound … Continue reading Pleasure Delight