Do You See?

When your eyes see
you really see
yet when you don’t
oh! the woe
when with open eyes
blindness plies
forsaking light

Photography/ “Do You See?”/August 2017©AmyRose

Let’s see how good your eyes are and how far open they are.  When I showed hubby this picture (the water one) he didn’t see.  It’s so obvious to me cause well I was there in the flesh when I saw, so yeah I had the advantage here.  All right?  Honesty is my policy.  Yep. Sure is.

So, do you SEE the huge snapping turtle?  That is not another cloud reflection in the water.  Yes, it really is a snapping turtle.  See its head?  At first glance that snapping turtle looks like another cloud.  Is this not a really cool picture?  I captured this image yesterday while walking in Reistein Woods Nature Preserve Park.

(Header picture is of hubby with his great-nephew who is trying to get hubby to see.  So cute!  Header pic taken with my Canon last Fall.  Huge difference in quality compared to this Samsung pic taken with my phone.)


61 thoughts on “Do You See?

      1. There are no swimming signs posted in this park. This is a Preserve park so the people who are in charge make sure the animals and birds are protected. No dogs are allowed either.

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    1. Aw, Jen, I am so moved by your comment because I know you don’t often do. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts. I must agree that the shot is a bit tricky and if I had not been there myself may have had to really look too. Much Love! 🌹


    1. This Park focuses on preserving many species of animals, Erika. I couldn’t believe my eyes on the size of this snapping turtle. I also saw a baby swim by so this may have been a Mama with babies swimming about. So glad you enjoyed this! 🌹

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    1. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! What a compliment!! I am just about falling off my chair! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Marissa!! That is high praise! Oh wow!! Just wow! And I thank you on my hair. It’s finally getting longer and yes now very blonde. 🤗


  1. You always make the right place at the right time Amy. Great picture of the turtle, they usually zoom off before you get a chance to really look at them let alone take a picture 😀
    And the picture of your nephew trying to show hubby something, he has a distinct advantage because he is much closer to the ground and probably has better vision than hubby 😀
    I think that is why there are so many interesting things on the ground at that age…bugs and spiders included 😀

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    1. Yes it does seem as though I find myself in the right place at the right time. Incredible how that does happen again and again. That turtle I would swear was looking right at me trying to say something. I, in fact, will read in a bit what turtle means according to the “Medicine Cards” I have. Thank you, Mark, for commenting. It means a lot to me. 🐢🕷🕊

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  2. I thought – what an uncharacteristic picture for Amy – then I saw the turtle, and thought – Oh perfect!! Your great nephew is adorable, would be nice to be able to get that low to the ground again!! Great photo, worthy of a frame! ❤️❤️❤️ Donna

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    1. Hi, Donna! Don’t get to set on seeing flowers only from me. I’ve been known to do some unusual photographs. When I really get in the mood for creating it is unbelievable what I can do and do do. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post. Slowly, I have been getting to my friends’ blogs one by one. So know that I will be by yours when I can. I so appreciate your support at this time in my life. Much Love, Amy

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  3. I thought I saw a Turtle Cloud!

    I tot I taw a puddy tat,
    I’m going back to look…. again!!!

    Your Mum is the essence of the posts I've read here today.
    I get what you are going through! I gave up working, and went to live in another city for 3 months.
    My heartfelt strength is for you.
    Love and Peace,
    Resa xo


  4. Oh, what a relief, Amy I used a scope to see it better and thought it was a shark of some kind! At least I saw it with only one eye that still works. I hope you see this soon and get a small chuckle during this painful time in your life. I’m sorta backtracking your blog, catching up on things I’ve missed since I got my own dx from my doc. My love and prayers to you, Sweet Amy.

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