Perspective and Consequences (2 IMAGES)


When we train ourselves
to see Beauty
even in those circumstances
that some deem ugly

magic somehow occurs
transforming the mundane
into surreal
thereby creating a means
to spread the Love

Photography/ “Perspective And Consequences” November 2016©AmyRose

Last week I went for a walk without my Canon 6D with the intention of just going for a walk and nothing more.  Well, when I arrived at a certain place in Como Lake Park, my first thought was, “Oh, I could kick myself for not bringing my camera!”  Standing where I was looking at what you see in my first image, the decision was made.  I would head back home walking as quickly as I could in order to get my camera, jump in my car and head back to exactly where I was standing.  Friends, it was a very cloudy day and the time was 2:30pm.  Where I live that means it is dark by 5pm.  I did not have a whole lot of time to work with.

Returning home, I forced myself to sit down to eat lunch.  No way was I about to leave on an empty stomach even though I kept mourning the fact how fast it was getting dark.  “Sit, Amy, and eat!”  (Yes, Mom.)  So I ate.  Then I grabbed my camera and car keys and flew out to my car.  The time now was 3:15pm.  Darkness was fast approaching.

My plan was to start exactly where I saw this first image and work my way down that portion of the creek.  IF I had more time left I would then hike on back into the park to take more pictures.  So with plan formed that is exactly what I did.  My first shot wasn’t this scene.  It was my second.  Both images some people would think are not good enough to photograph because neither are “picture perfect”.  Well, I shot anyways because truth be told this entire part of the creek took my breath away for all I saw was Beauty.

I don’t know how I did it, but I hiked back further into the park, took more pictures, and was able to return to my parked car before it got dark.  I shot a total of 79 frames.  Now, friends, if I had chosen to not return home to collect my camera and come back to this park, and if I had considered what I saw not good enough to shoot, I would not have shot these two and 77 more frames.  I was astonished when I arrived home for the final time that day to see just how many images I shot.  My mouth dropped open.  See what happens when you put your mind to something and do it even not know if you can?  Good thing I do not give up easily nor do I get discouraged much either.

All images that you will view on my blog this week were taken on this very same day at Como Lake Park.

❤ ❤ ❤

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