Gifts In Disguise

53 thoughts on “Gifts In Disguise”

  1. Nice composition!!!
    I just saw a facebook post by Jamye Price and she mentioned that animals on this plane have been given a upgrade for interaction with Humans. Mid Oct. shift happened.
    Amy,You’re so close to animals this could be observable for you!!!

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  2. This is beautiful Amy. I love the way the stone ring around the pond separates the areas of the photo. It gives it an almost 3D affect, as if the pond and the ground in front of it are coming out toward me. I don’t know if that was by design (or if anyone else see that) but I find it strangely compelling. Your words are insightful, but today, you got me with the photo.

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    1. You see what I saw, Dan. The feelings that arose were almost eerie as I stood there, drinking in the beauty. Yet it was almost dark and the scene set out before me seemed to be otherworldly. I almost expected mist to rise from the surface of this pond with a Lady of the Lake emerging. Very Avalon feeling ….


  3. Ack! I missed this amazing image and words! This is really fantastic. I totally agree that life sometimes gives us challenges that make us better people. I always think God knows what he’s doing when he hands me something difficult. Sometimes I can tell right away it’s beneficial and other times it takes years for me to realize it’s for my higher good. Lovely Amy.

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    1. I happen to question God at times, asking are You sure??? And of course, I don’t get an answer and of course over time, I SEE. Life is surely complex at times yet, to keep moving forward and growing, now that is where it’s at!! Beautiful Laura, Beautiful comment!! Love, Amy ❤

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