Sunday Special

This year my spreading Phloxes are absolutely gorgeous. My images do not do them justice. I even am showing two short videos, below, of my front gardens that contain these flowers. I am intoxicated. I am healing. I am actually singing again as witnessed in one of the videos. Yep, I broke out in a … Continue reading Sunday Special

Fly To Bliss

Hold on to your hats! Buckle your seat belts! You are about to enter the Extreme Color Zone that will have you blasting through space and time. This catapulting will bring you in Now Moment and perhaps even Bliss.   For me to be crawling in the mud is a JOY like no other. As … Continue reading Fly To Bliss


In those times of unadulterated daggers and darkness LIFE materializes at the most unexpected moments   When you don’t think you can take another step forward LIFE lifts the boulders from off your shoulders   Within the fiery blasts of agony exploding unrelentingly LIFE quietly with dignity brings glowing Calm   When shock and horror … Continue reading LIFE

Here We Go!

Look at the above picture to get a solid idea of how tiny these new Crocus sprouts are that I am photographing. My ring size is a 6 and in this image you see my finger comparing finger to plant. Every year I am in awe of the tenacity of these early Spring flowers who … Continue reading Here We Go!

Spring Medley

Red Columbine ~~~ Purple Columbine ~~~ Lily of the Valley ~~~~ Azalea ~~ Lithodora ~~~ Peony ~~ “Art” ~~ Carnation ~~~ Peony ~~ Clematis ~~~ Peony ~~ So many pictures, so many flowers. This post gives you a slight idea of the vast array of flowers I have. These gardens had me hopping because of … Continue reading Spring Medley

Variance (4 IMAGES)

According to the knowledge I possess Hyacinths are the color blue or deep purple … So, did man or did Mother ¬†change the DNA structure in order to create variance ¬†of the very same plant? ‚ô£‚ô£‚ô£ Just as Mankind is the name attributed to the human species so too Hyacinths is the name given to … Continue reading Variance (4 IMAGES)

Mysteries Of Life

The Mysteries of Life are purposely not obvious but meant to be discovered within the digging of the deep. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Mysteries Of Life” 2016¬©AmyRose *Photograph of Clematis* COMMENTS CLOSED. Friends, between all the gardening I am involved in, gaining back my health, and grieving too many losses within the … Continue reading Mysteries Of Life

Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)

Addicted. ¬†Beyond all help. ¬†I could not stop. ¬†One after the other. ¬†Editing¬†with tears stinging¬†my eyes. ¬†Surrounded by Perfection. ¬†Origami Splendor. Sitting at my laptop, staring in wonder at the Majestic Creations I was allowed to capture, I didn’t know how to choose the images to show you. ¬†Shooting a total of thirty-one¬†frames I deleted … Continue reading Origami Splendor (8 IMAGES)

I Ask You

I ask you what Great Master Mind designs and creates so flawlessly? ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “I Ask You” 2016¬©AmyRose This shot was an¬†extremely¬†difficult one to get. ¬†I saw what I wanted to capture but to actually execute the plan was another story. ¬†Laying on the ground on my right side I … Continue reading I Ask You

Babies (7 IMAGES)

I hope you all are ready for a Saturday morning treat because what you are about to see is what I found in my Gardens of Treasures yesterday. ¬†As you sip your coffee or tea may these precious Gifts Mother offered to me bring you much¬†Beauty and many Smiles all your day long. ¬†Enjoy! Astilbe … Continue reading Babies (7 IMAGES)

Inexhaustible Ability

The Heart has an inexhaustible ability to embrace Love even when that same Heart has suffered unimaginable tragedies and losses. ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Inexhaustible Ability” 2016¬©AmyRose This photograph was not touched with digital art at all.¬† The white “fog” in the background is a mystery to me because my camera picked … Continue reading Inexhaustible Ability

In The Breaking

The Darkness conceded, “No more.” And so Lightning struck hard that dank fetid dark the ravaging pain revealed the structure collapsed and as it finally fell Light now able to bring the Essence of Life where death had once tyrannically reigned ~~~~ As a child, I was abused and molested, exposed to behaviors no little … Continue reading In The Breaking

Exuberantly Alive (3 IMAGES)

TTo BE fully exuberantly ALIVE takes a flip from ordinary to EXEMPLARY! ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography/ Digital Art/ “Exuberantly Alive” 2016¬©AmyRose Comments are closed.¬† Please just enjoy this post as I continue answering your comments from my previous post.¬† Thank you.¬† May you all have a truly wonderful weekend!!! Continue reading Exuberantly Alive (3 IMAGES)

Purple Power

This evening I took some photos with my iPad. One of those is below. Goosebumps time! This was processed in Photo Shop Express and Lightroom. I give you Purple Power. Guys, I am having so much FUN as my laundry grows, dust bunnies fly about, and my um Fall cleaning that I had begun has … Continue reading Purple Power