The warmth from
a soft glowing light
brings sight in the dark
and beauty not known
is now known

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Compassion”/June 2017©AmyRose

Update on Irene:  Family has asked me not to divulge too much information regarding Irene’s condition on account of Irene being very private about her private life.  Our mutual friend is very ill with an infection throughout her entire body.  Today I was told by her daughter, Claire, that Irene’s kidneys and liver are improving and will now work normally.  Her lungs still have yet to improve so doctors are not waking her up yet.  Doctors will keep her sedated until at least tomorrow afternoon when they will attempt to start the waking up process.  Doctors are now saying she has a greater chance of survival.

Your prayers, good thoughts, sending of Energy and Love are all still so needed.  Let us all continue working together as a Family of Friends to assist Irene and her family.  Bless all of you!!!



71 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Thank you so much Amy for your kind update of Irene’s condition.. I am still sending out my thoughts and prayers, it is positive news at the moment, considering how severe her symptoms have been.
    My love and prayers are with Irene and her family.. Bless you Amy for keeping us all informed..
    Love and Hugs to you ❤ Sue xx

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      1. So pleased to learn this dear Amy.. Its hard, at times as this week I shed some tears, Then I thought of the BIGGER Picture and what certain events were bringing about. So I am pleased you are able to do this, it is achievable when we know ALL things have purpose..
        Love and Hugs your way Amy xx

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      2. Sue, I was just told you are one of the ones who are holding this powerful Love Energy in place, so it continuously surrounds Irene. I am another. Erika is another. I’m not sure if there are more. 💖

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      3. Thank you dearest Amy for confirming my own thoughts as I had been deep in meditation the day of learning of Irene’s illness from your good self.. And felt I had also linked with Irene’s higher self, as you have. I am not surprised either of it being Erika.. They were close on WP.. Many thanks for this dear friend.. I am just finishing up a fresh post and When I have published I will be straight along to view dear friend.. Much LOVE xxx

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  2. Thank you so much for the information, Amy! I totally understand that you need to keep things private. She is a very private person. I am so happy about the good news. I am so sure that all will be well again. Although I was shocked, I felt that all will be ok. Let’s hold hands and keep praying! Thanks again, Amy 💖

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    1. I too feel calm in my spirit today, Erika. I told this to Claire. I have a strong feeling the severe danger is now behind Irene. She is quieter too today. Yes we must keep on sending the Love. I am thrilled about the news as well. Thank you so much for being a part of this Movement. 💕🌹🌹🥀💕

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      1. I am so happy and thankful that I can be part of it. Very thankful!! This good news alone gives a new push to that healing and loving energy we all send. And since we all have so much the same positive outlook perhaps it will happen even faster!

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      2. Agreed! Miracles do happen when Love is involved. Our attitudes do effect the overall energy. Stay in Heart, Erika. I am doing it. The first couple of days found me in tears. Something has changed for the better. We can do this! 💕🌹🌸🥀💕

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      3. I was just told you and Sue Dreamwalker and me are some of whom who are holding this powerful Love Energy in place so that it continuously surrounds Irene. Yes we are doing this! 💖

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      4. I am having goosebumps all over my body reading your words, Amy. I can honestly say that I am feeling a very strong connection and your reply is such a profound confirmation. We’ll surround her continuously! 💖💖

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    1. Irene is fighting, YellowCable, and has begun to turn the corner for the better. And thank you for the compliment regarding my image. The way the camera caught the light made me gasp out loud. 💝🌸💝

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