There’s a whole lot of space
just waiting to be filled with
caring, a smile, Love

MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Awareness”/ March 2017©AmyRose

Last Tuesday when I went to the gym I had to use the Ladies’ room.  In going into a stall I saw in the toilet a brown utility paper towel.  This object was not meant to be in the toilet and whoever threw it in had no regard for that fact.

In looking around I could not locate the usual girl who cleaned the Ladies’ room.

So I approached the front desk to speak to a young girl behind it.  I told her quite simply what I had found and where and in my opinion that paper towel if flushed could cause a lot of plumbing problems.  In our conversation I received solid eye contact, smiles were exchanged, gratitude as well, and then this young girl sighed and said, “We are in the midst of a huge renovation and people just are so rude, acting without any respect.”

I responded by saying … “Oh, you have noticed too.”  We talked for a bit more expressing our opinions (and agreeing!) of the so many inconsiderate people milling about these days, then I told this young girl to have a good day so I could begin my workout.  She again thanked me and I flashed my pearly whites as I walked away.  How nice it was to actually have a “real” conversation with solid eye contact and one from the “heart”.

See?  It doesn’t take much to change this world for the better.  I could have chosen not to have reported this problem but rather to have just ignored it.  No.  Having had major plumbing problems last summer I would not ever wish that nightmare on anyone else.  The owner and those he is hiring are working so hard to give us, the members, a beautiful gym.  They don’t deserve disrespect and more headaches.

And a little about this image … I am learning how to adjust my camera’s settings when I am shooting into a “bright light” while my focus is on a much darker object.  I worked a long time to get the color of these Crocuses just perfect and at the same time not overexposing my image too much so as not to bleach it out.  I aimed my focal point (the clearest portion) on the tallest of the Crocuses and then very very carefully and ever so slowly panned the camera to my left in order to frame what you see here.

Tricky, very tricky business.  Why?  When shooting in manual focus, which I was, when the focal point is spot on it doesn’t take much for it to get out of focus especially when shooting with a 100mm macro lens.  The only way this was possible for me to do was to be laying on my belly and using my elbows as a tripod.  Steady steady steady she goes.  Not breathing, resetting my frame, and when I achieved the exact frame I wanted I clicked.  Whew!  The focal point clearness had not changed.  Kudos for me!  (smile)

❤ ❤ ❤

54 thoughts on “Awareness

  1. It’s a beautiful image Amy. But even more beautiful is the connection you shared and the good vibes from reporting something in such a nice friendly way. It really doesn’t take much to smile and make a difference does it. 🌹

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    1. Too many think “too big” when it comes to change. It’s the little stuff, the small kindnesses, that do make a difference. You are so right, Van. One day, one issue at a time. We’ll get there. 🙂 ❤

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    1. You are welcome, Dan. As for me being on my stomach that is where I do a lot of my macro shots from. Working out at the gym and hiking/walking do make a huge difference in my ability to get down to the ground. And then don’t forget my gardening … which will be happening soon. That all by itself strengthens this body! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Such a lovely image Amy, and yes, I agree it costs us nothing to interact, look each other in the eye, and have an honest conversation.. Too many people disrespect other peoples properties.. I often wonder myself when having to use a public toilet, at how people behave and wonder would they treat their own toilets the same..

    As to your art in your wonderful photo and your beautiful verse, so meaningful by the way.. Its beautiful.. I am browsing the reader this hour listening to Tina Turner and her Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Chants… 🙂

    So at the moment filled to brimming with Peace and Awareness… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ .. Much Love dear Amy xxx

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    1. Thank you, Sue. When we are aware of certain things we can do our best to change those things for the better. I’ve always been a “rebel” and have resisted the “group” mentality. Much Love to you, dear friend. ❤

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  3. Hi my friend – yes disrespect and total disconnectedness seems to abound these days – everyone walks with their heads down, looking at their phones, no one engages in conversations with strangers, or in fact with people they know. It is really disheartening. And while the amazing world around them has all kinds of beautiful things to ponder – they choose to stare at the phone in their hands. I love the photo. The colors are so rich and vibrant.

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    1. I am living by example right now no matter what I am doing or where I go. At the gym I do not take my cell phone out of my gym bag. I am not plugged in. When I walk or hike I have my cell on me but the only time I use it is to take pictures. When at a store my cell is in my pocket not being used. When with friends my cell is in plain view but not being used. My head is up and my gaze is straight. I will not be a part of this insanity so I have begun a movement of my own called Respectfully Unplugged. On a walk the other day to a park very close by I saw this beautiful rabbit on the shoulder of the road that was dead after being hit by a car. After returning home I got a paper bag and plastic gloves, returned to where this rabbit lay, and with great tenderness I lay the body in the paper bag to carry to our wild part of our property. I found a place under a tree and lay the body respectfully and asked my other cats whose bodies lay near to take good care of this precious rabbit. I didn’t care who saw me and in fact in my mind the more who saw what I did the better. I say enough to the insanity and that it is time to get back to Love now. 💖

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  4. Amazing photo Amy, really lovely 🙂
    It was great, that you did your best to avoid them standing in same bad way, as you tried last year yourself. We need to be present, when we are in company with other souls.

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  5. Amy, what is reflected in your story, in your comments, and your photo is your focus. When we focus on the lovely, on the encouragement, on the tenderness, on the solution, we give God glory. We shine the light of His unconditional love and lavish grace on others with no strings attached. We place ourselves in the presence of His Spirit and let Him lead us, and that leading becomes a light and a gift to those around us. ❤

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Susan. I’ve learned for many years to keep my eyes on the glass half full and to listen to my Heart where Spirit resides. Much Love to you, dear friend. ❤


    1. Good question, Marissa, but most folks these days have their noses so buried in their cellphones they have no idea of what is going on around them. How then can those very folk even interact much less display respect when they are not aware of their own surroundings? And thank you about this picture. More are coming. 🙂 That is IF I can ever get going consistently with this blogging. Geesh! Life! LOL ❤


  6. Yet, another lovely, insightful and rewarding visit to Amy’s blog.
    Her Lady Pink Rose
    Grows a flower
    For us all
    A flower
    Power of love.
    Lots of great reading here today, Amy! The Habit/Devil post is very clear sighted.
    Oh, and I do believe that I am out of my mind, too! ❤

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    1. Oh, Resa, how grateful I am to you for this lovely comment. It is people like you who encourage me to keep on doing what I am here. Bless you, dear friend. I am so happy you enjoyed your viewing! It is my pleasure! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Amy, I think you are selling yourself short. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I couldn’t move my camera like I did if I were in a crouched position or even standing. I needed my elbows on the ground to act as tripods. Thank YOU for your lovely comment! ❤

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  7. wow I just love everything about your post …. the flower is delicious! and I love that white faded background SO Much! I gotta figure it out! 10 stars Amy. but… your message on human Kindness, generosity of spirit – boy that really made my spirit pay attention. Your few moments with the staff, probably could have been her highlight. with all the ‘challenging customers’ shops get now. Good for you. Its so miserly of us not to be kind.
    it costs us nothing.
    but a paltry 60 seconds to smile, and say a kind word! I must do this a lot more, often. thank you Amy. for this wonderful, human, reminder. we can make a difference.

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    1. The photo … I was shooting into the light (low horizon light), Debi, but was focused on the Crocus. Not easy. I have a tendency of picking up light as a “white fog”. How I do it I don’t know. And about this message … when we think of changing this world, we get stumped because let’s face it, TOO much needs to be changed. But if we start out small, with simple gestures of respect and kindness, that, dear friend, goes a long way. In effect, that will cause a “ripple effect” (hopefully) and the person we showed kindness to, they in turn will begin to think and when opportunity arises (and it will), they shall act in kindness too. Change can be difficult. This I know first hand. BUT if we address the big changes with small baby steps … we will have the bigger picture changed before we know it. 🙂 ❤

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  8. Love the picture! People are pretty inconsiderate. I hate when I see a car in front of me throw a cigarette out their window, as if the world is one big garbage can. Or when someone bumps you when they walk by and they don’t even acknowledge it with a “I’m sorry” or anything, as if you didn’t even exist. OK, there’s my rant for the day. It’s Sunday, think positive! God is great and he loves those inconsiderate people too. 🙂

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    1. LeeAnn, we are not responsible for what others do but we are responsible for what we do. Pray for that person you see littering for they are not aware. There was a time I too littered just not even thinking what I was doing. It’s starts with me and you to spread the kindness and the awareness by living and doing by example. Much Love to you! ❤

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    1. I could care less what my neighbors think, Scott. One time I was down on the grass one of my neighbors thought I may be having a heart attack. Now that they are fully aware of what I will do with a camera in hand, they don’t mind my antics. LOL ❤


      1. Amy,
        Your photo definitely looked hard to take! Good job!!! I love how something so simple as a smile and engaging conversation can make a big difference in one’s day. Kudos for you for letting the front know about the possible plumbing issue! That would’ve been a nightmare. And double kudos for going to the gym. We have to take care of ourselves. ❤️​ I think you always share love and great insight, so I wanted to make sure to provide a link to your blog.

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