I Ask You


I ask you
what Great Master Mind

designs and creates
so flawlessly?

MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “I Ask You” 2016©AmyRose

This shot was an extremely difficult one to get.  I saw what I wanted to capture but to actually execute the plan was another story.  Laying on the ground on my right side I had to figure out how to place my right elbow on the ground to give me the exact perfect angle I required in order to get what you see here.

Shooting into the sun was another story.  I attempted to block the sun out with my left hand while holding my camera with only my right hand.  I tried to shoot on automatic focus.  That did not work for my camera did not want to focus and when it did and I managed to shoot off a frame the picture came out too dark.

Again putting my camera back on manual focus I shot off many frames before I finally achieved this one.  I had to contend not only with the sun, but the wind, and on top of that, a very uncomfortable body position.  Determination won out.

I’m slowly gaining my strength back yet still not up to blogging.  I thank all of you who have come here over this past week to view my work, work that expressed what I was feeling.  How do I put into mere words the extent I went to as I cared for a dying cat that I Loved so very much, putting my own health in jeopardy?

Unless you yourself have experienced what I just walked, there are no words to describe the incredible lengths I went to because you would not understand.  In order to have understanding, you have to experience the experience in real time.

May all of you have a beautiful weekend.  I have been spending much time in my gardens, and today I am going to attempt to go for my “long” walk in my favorite park.  Great weakness fell upon me towards the end with Prinny yet I am hoping that today my strong walking legs have returned.