Inexhaustible Ability

82 thoughts on “Inexhaustible Ability”

    1. Wonderful, Carol!!! Then I have a “feeling” the other posts that I created will “speak” to you as well. Spirit opened last week and poured forth saying after saying to me and then this past weekend, I walk into Magic. I have learned not to even get upset when I see an “end” coming to what I am posting, because every single time, I am given Fruit to share. And so it IS. Have a great day, my friend. I’ll be over later. Mornings are always dedicated to my cats as I care and treat them. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. OK here goes. I really believe I photographed ENERGY, Marissa. There was nothing in the background that would have made this effect. Nothing. There was but LIGHT and darker images beyond this, but nothing to make this fog effect. 🙂 I have one other image with this white fog on it that is coming, not as obvious but it still is there. ❤

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      1. LOL YOU missed something? NO! I don’t believe it! I actually passed something by you???? Tee hee ….. It is my last post, Marissa, with comments now open. 😉 ❤

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  1. I saw the picture and it caught me… first…. but then I was drawn immediately to the words which went very deep. Something I just recently experienced. This time, it is my turn to be thankful for the perfect timing and you as the messenger.💖💖

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    1. Your words in turn joined what I was just told this morning, that yes, I am the messenger. I had been starting to “feel responsible” for the messages and the “meaning” behind my photography and getting upset when the Purpose behind the post was not seen. I am the Tool to help unlock Hearts and to assist those whose eye are open on their Life Journey. How others respond is not mine to own. Thank YOU, Erika, for validating the words I heard this morning. Bless you! Love, Amy ❤

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  2. Oh how beautiful Amy. The fog in the background really brings out the deep purple of the flower. The words are so perfect for the picture I can feel the Magic that you captured! Love it ❤

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    1. Kathy, I tell you true. There was no fog in the background. None. I cannot explain this white fog other then, I captured Energy. You have no idea how long I laid on that ground trying to figure out what I was seeing through my viewfinder and even more strongly on the image itself. A mystery. For real.

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