Snow Fun

Okie-Dokie. Who would have thought that in WNY in the month of January there would barely be any snow? I’ve been living in this area for more then 60 years, and I’m witnessing the unthinkable. So now I have to hunt for snow? A photographer friend told me that south of where we live, there … Continue reading Snow Fun

A Little Pizazz

*Turn phones horizontal/visit blog to view FULL SCREEN* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought I’d have some fun in PS to see what I could do with this Rose. I gave Her a bit of pizazz and jazz. I’ve been working so hard ‘tween pruning bushes and trees (and almost slicing one of my fingertips off) and catching … Continue reading A Little Pizazz


A jumble of junk carelessly tossed yet … upon a blink and a wink alchemy appears, behold! a playground for fairies of white ~~~~~ There is a standing understanding between my neighbor and me. ¬†His Father-in-Law owns the property seen in this image and for many years has collected junk. The moment this man and … Continue reading Alchemy

Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

I found myself after a very challenging day on the couch just “playing”. ¬†I first started in the PixLr app on my phone then imported to PS then on to LR. ¬†Please don’t ask me how I created this because I could not tell you. ¬†I just played. ¬†(smile) ¬†The second image is the original. … Continue reading Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

Oopsie Into Art (2 IMAGES)

Warning! ¬†Make sure you have sunglasses on to view! ¬†This is a tad on the bright side! Saturday found me¬†freezing standing on a bridge with my camera and tripod. ¬†My finger was¬†so cold I could barely feel the shutter button and before I was ready¬†to push the shutter, oops, it did so. ¬†Because I was … Continue reading Oopsie Into Art (2 IMAGES)

Happy Halloween (2 IMAGES)

It’s that time of year again when ghosts and goblins fairies too hey don’t forget ballerinas don their very best to laugh and scream shouting¬†as they do, “Trick or treat!” Photography/Digital Art/ “Happy Halloween” October 2016¬©AmyRose Oh yes how I want to talk about these images, especially the first one. ¬†I purposely underexposed this … Continue reading Happy Halloween (2 IMAGES)

Play Fear Away

To my great dismay I have been seeing a lot of fear prevalent in too many people.¬† Those that I speak of in this post are by far not the only ones, for if I wrote regarding all the fear I have witnessed, I’d be writing for a very long time. One day recently as … Continue reading Play Fear Away


I have just been playing with my photography and apps. as I am getting so much that needed to be attended to in my Life addressed. ¬†I am only experimenting, and decided to share with you. ¬†I actually played around with a photo, adding filters to it just to see what effect I could create. … Continue reading Experiment


The Glow of Autumn’s Leaves the Final Act we see announcing the soon to be Winter’s Freeze. ~~~~ [Photograph taken with Samsung S6 Phone] I experimented with this photograph with so many filters, I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I did.¬† I just kept on trying filters on my phone, then I imported … Continue reading Glow

Bonus Fun Post

I am posting this photograph below to see IF the person who actually took the photo recognizes it. This person was the very first person who responded to my crisis, and in so doing, gave me some of her/his work to do with what I chose to do with them. When I processed this image, … Continue reading Bonus Fun Post

Purple Power

This evening I took some photos with my iPad. One of those is below. Goosebumps time! This was processed in Photo Shop Express and Lightroom. I give you Purple Power. Guys, I am having so much FUN as my laundry grows, dust bunnies fly about, and my um Fall cleaning that I had begun has … Continue reading Purple Power


Yes, weeds. I went over to the horse pasture a few days ago to check out my prospects. Instead of looking for horse manure, I ended up going back home, getting my camera, and took pictures of these gorgeous weeds in that same pasture. And because I don’t know what they are called (goes along with me not knowing most of the flowers’ names I photograph … smile), I thought I would have some fun and make up names as I was editing.

It was more challenging then I thought it would be. By the time I was finished, I was about cross-eyed and brain fried. I thought this was going to be fun, but in the end, I really had to THINK about giving these beauties names that suited them. Now, if any of you can come up with better names, let me know. I have these weeds numbered, so as you go down to see each one, check out the number assigned to that weed, and if you have a better name, let us know! OK? Now let’s see those um, yes, weeds!

Continue reading “WEEDS???? (12 MACROS)”