Happy Halloween (2 IMAGES)


It’s that time of year again
when ghosts and goblins
fairies too
hey don’t forget ballerinas
don their very best
to laugh and scream
shouting as they do,
“Trick or treat!”


Photography/Digital Art/ “Happy Halloween” October 2016©AmyRose

Oh yes how I want to talk about these images, especially the first one.  I purposely underexposed this image, getting my light meter reading from the waterfalls knowing full well the rest of the image, being in shadow would come out really dark.  When I saw what I shot I shrieked with absolute glee!  What I did not foresee coming was how the orange leaves seemed to be glowing and floating in midair.

I took it one step further and really played in the darkroom, concentrating on hue, light/shadow, contrast, all focusing on creating an image of mystic and a big punch WOW!  Pinch me, did I really capture this?  I deliberately darkened shadows to make the leaves seem as if they are fairy lights suspended from the air itself.  I lightened the highlights to make the leaves glow even more.  I had so much fun between capturing this image and playing in the darkroom.  This image all by itself was worth me hiking in pouring rain for two hours!

And the second image yes is one of my photographs but hit heavily with digital art.  Cool?  Oh my, I just seem to be having too much fun.  This stuff should be illegal!! What a high I get and the JOY?  Oh boy!  I’d say!  And then some!

Happy Halloween, Friends! Stay safe!
❤ ❤ ❤

77 thoughts on “Happy Halloween (2 IMAGES)

  1. It really came together Amy…I’m very impressed with the top one, bringing out shadows all around, fits the Halloween theme well.
    And I love the second one, it is a masterpiece. Even goes with your Autumn colors from the last few weeks 🙂
    Well done, but no staying in your ‘dark room’ young lady, we need you out into the light 😀

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    1. LOL I don’t stay for long in that darkroom, yet I must admit I do have some outrageous fun!! Both images I had a riot playing with just letting my imagination go! I forgot to mention that the second one I did with a phone app. Do you believe that one? The possibilities are endless!!
      I thank you kindly for your compliment, Mark! I had every intention bringing the Halloween spirit to my images and I did it. I actually had this house in mind as well that is deserted, for sale, and looks well, creepy. Vines growing on the house itself, weeds waist high, paint peeling …. perhaps another day! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you, Dan! *takes a bow* Totally had fun with these images and seriously when I saw what I shot in the first image I really did whoop and holler!! Yep, with my umbrella hat on my head, in the pouring rain, laughing with glee. True. And with the second one, I did that with one of my photo phone apps, believe it or not. LOL ❤

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    1. Happy Halloween, Sweetheart!! You always are so kind when it comes to my fur babies. Thank you, Gigi. I LOVE this time of year …. the veil is the thinnest and I just feel such LOVE. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


  2. Just gorgeous! Can’t believe you captured that image. The leaves look like fiery embers. And the other image…whatever that rounded thing is, it looks a bit scythe like. And I here I thought these would merely be Halloween decorations!

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    1. LOL Got ya, Marissa! I had the second one all ready to go a good week ago and then I shot the first image to my complete and utter surprise. I was elated! Wow as to what lighting and my camera can do plus a bit of playing in the darkroom. Tee hee ……. SO glad you enjoyed this post today! Happy Halloween!!!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. (laughing) Thank you!! Wow! I have a grin from ear to ear! I had more fun with this post with both images, but the first one just totally blew me away! I really lucked out on that picture … the lighting was perfect, as was the angle and my deliberate underexposing. Just so cool!! 🙂 ❤


    1. Practice makes perfect, Irene. Hubby who has a camera doesn’t use it much and I keep telling him the only way to improve is to shoot. And OH do I shoot. LOL Sometimes too much!! And Yes I have been having fun lately with my images. I just LOVE what I do!!! Happy Halloween!! ❤

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  3. You have come a long way ….Baby!!!!
    Polishing your craft, with time…. you will just “know” you captured it.
    You are a creator Goddess.

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    1. Boo back! Even though the midnight hour has struck and gone. I thank you SO much for your compliment, Michael. I’ve really been putting a lot of effort into my photography from the moment I hit that shutter button to the moment I am finished in the darkroom. Bless you for noticing!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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    1. It is because of the encouragement and the support I receive here, dear friend, that I have progressed as far as I have. It is my honor that so many view my art. Bless you!! YOU inspire me to keep on improving! ❤

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