94 thoughts on “Experiment”

    1. HA! You caught me just on the way back out the door. This is ONE picture with several different filters blending all of them together. When I saw what I did, I just HAD to take time to share here. Thank YOU for your feedback, Marissa. I really really appreciate it. I really LOVE this and I may be going in this direction a little bit. Bless you for commenting. Now back out I go hi ho to get the rest of the leaves raked up. Much Love, Amy ❤


    1. Bless you, Val, for the feedback. It really means a lot. I did this today while raking a LOT of leaves. When my arms were about to fall off, I took a break and played with my photos. And you now see the results. Love, Amy ❤

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  1. Beautiful Amy…… Very Mystical and Magical.. Keep playing around its looking great.. as are you.. love your own photo image below.. Lots of love.. and Hope this comment stays and doesn’t disappear.. Lol.. Been having trouble.. I was spammed..

    Love to you Sue xx ❤

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    1. It stayed, Sue. Thank you for the encouagement regarding the new I am trying to create. As I am playing it seems as though the pain of my Heart is lifting. There really is something in allowing the child to play. I also am getting braver about showing my face. My face says what I have been through. May your day be Blessed. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Keep that Inner child at play Amy.. for its when we play we smile on the inside too 🙂 Love that you are getting braver.. It took me 5 yrs before I showed my face on my blog 🙂 xx Its time I renewed the one on my blog.. But no one hardly takes any photo’s of me Arrrgh lol 😀 .. LOL. And I am not into selfies haha..

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