A jumble of junk
carelessly tossed
yet …
upon a blink
and a wink
alchemy appears,
a playground for
fairies of white

There is a standing understanding between my neighbor and me.  His Father-in-Law owns the property seen in this image and for many years has collected junk.

The moment this man and his wife leave for Florida, the Son-in-Law starts to collect said junk to tow it away.  He dreams of grass for a front lawn instead of a junkyard.  And every year while he collects the junk his Father-in-Law collects, he apologizes to me.

In return, I laugh and tell him no apologies necessary because this is not his mess.  I actually tell him I’ve gotten used to having a junkyard next to me.

And sure enough, come every Spring when his Father-in-Law returns from Florida, he takes tally of what is missing and proceeds to again begin to fill the holes with more junk.  One has to laugh or go nuts.

This is one of those times the rusting junk was transformed into Beauty.  My Canon made sure to document this Historical Event.  😉

Photography/ “Alchemy”/ December 2017©AmyRose


53 thoughts on “Alchemy

    1. Actually, Mark, in this instance I believe it’s because of post World War II and depression syndrome. Those years were very very lean and hard years for many many people and from out of that I have seen this phenomena that people hoard today because of those very very lean years. My neighbor will only get green grass when unfortunately his father-in-law passes. Everywhere one looks that man has collected stuff. And as for the beautiful snow oh yes it transformed that junkyard into a playground for fairies. 😊

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      1. Yes, I think we all are the outcomes of our times, something none of us can avoid I’m afraid 😀
        And your also right, it can be a fairy ground, it is in all how we look at things. Our attitude that makes (or breaks) our journey. May your snow build you castles and playgrounds for the months ahead Amy ❤ 😀

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    1. I’ve actually gotten used to it over the years, Holly. Either I accept what is or I grind my teeth. I’ve learned to choose my “battles” carefully because there is only so much of “me” to go around. Much Love to you this day! 💝

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  1. I am astounded….. both at the photo & post; but also your empathetic and seeing eyes.
    You saw, into the hearts of your neighbors. That takes wisdom. Grace.
    I so admire your desire to UPlift others Amy!!!!

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    1. Debi, I’ve seen how many posts you have gone through and seen and I thank you for taking the time to see what I have been doing lately. I don’t know why the reader seems to skip blogs that I follow but I find myself in the same position as you as I realize I have not been to someone’s blog in a very long time. As for what you said here I really just want to thank you for acknowledging what I do with everything in my life. My life as such has formed me into who I am today yes making me empathic and gaining wisdom as well. In order to stay happy in heart I do my best to accept everyone in my life for who they are even if they do things that drive me up a wall. What’s the sense of erupting into anger or getting upset when I can choose to stay happy and even laugh over the fact I have a junkyard next door to me? My attention as well with everything I do is to lift you up, encourage you, and inspire as I give you glimpses of what my life is really like. I am honored that you visited me today, dear friend, and I really thank you. Much Love to you this day. 💕🎄💕

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    1. And then some …. Yes it is a shack stuffed with junk. Next to that is a tractor, old and broken, just sitting now for years. And a whole lot of other rusting “stuff”. I’m making light of all this yet this junk poses as a danger for both children and animal alike. There is a lot of very sharp and rusting metal in this place. Unfortunately nothing anyone has said will encourage the owner to clean this mess up. My neighbor has every right to be concerned because he has two young children. Have a great weekend, Marissa. 🤗


    1. Thank you, Barbara. Many of us have that “attic” just because you never know when you’ll need something. Every time I decide to clean out cupboards and closets and such, wouldn’t you know what I throw out in a manner of days that follow, I could have used. Now how does that work? 😉 Have a great Sunday! 💝

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  2. Amazingly beautiful and peaceful photo, dear Amy 🙂
    I suppose, it is the barn, as we see in the photo too?

    You are so right, we need to be able to look pass the ugly and try to find the beauty, as also do exist all over. Sometimes this is very difficult or we can feel, it can take us down. Then we need to move ourselves away, not to hurt ourselves.

    Snow has a possibility to cover everything, both good and bad and I can imagine, that you are enjoying your neighbors garden at the moment. You need to, while it lasts.

    Send you much love and healing, dear friend ❤

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    1. That is actually a shed, not the actual barn, Irene. New fallen snow brings magic back to life and what was once ugly is transformed into beauty. Fortunately there are many trees and shrubs and other plants within this “junkyard” that hide the ugly and beautify all by themselves. I am enjoying this white for now and I hope my enthusiasm and good spirits last this whole winter long. This is a wee early to have this much snow but … just about anything can and does happen here. May you have a wonderful day today! 🤗

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  3. Wonderful Image Amy.. and some people just seem born collectors.. 🙂 You should see our garage 😉 lol.. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas Season Amy . I am now going to browse your amazing photos I have missed.. And love that you have snow.. Ours now has melted.. ❤ Hugs Sue

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    1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as well, Sue. For the first time in many years, the true spirit of Christmas is in my Heart. A beautiful transformation is taking place right now within me as I find myself standing in a very Holy Place, feeling such Reverence for Life itself … very similar to a few phases of my life that I have experienced. I am in awe. And thank you about my image. Many Blessings this day! 💝

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      1. Amy, It is time, you felt like this.. You have carried so much for so long.. Releasing all that you have held onto, is what is making you so much Lighter my friend..
        May 2018 continue to strip away the debris and may you Fly ever Higher.. We are transcending .. 🙂
        Love Sue xxx ❤

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      2. This transcendence has not been with a price, Sue. The past few years have been extremely rocky with 2017 being the hardest yet. May 2018 herald a brand New Beginning for the both of us!!! Much Love to you! 💝

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  4. Hi Amy 🙂 The old articles give the photo character. 🙂 The snow looks very pretty. ❤ I think there is a story behind the collecting of the junk. The older man might not want to tell it, though. I am looking forward to your beautiful snow photos this winter. 🙂 Love and blessings to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I agree, Sarah, that the “junk” gives this image character. That is what caught my eye. As I told someone else I believe this man collects junk because he experienced the Great Depression and WWII. And as for my pictures … I pray I can keep my enthusiasm and creativity high. This is when the creative juices are called upon so heavily when color is absent and all there is, is white. Much Love and Many Blessings to you! 💝

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    1. I know, Gigi. Right? For the first time in many a long year, I feel the “Christmas Spirit”. I could weep for Joy that where I used to be in another phase of my life, I’m back there, only better this time around. Have a great Sunday today!!! Much Love to you! ☺️


    1. Wendell, dear brother, your words lifted my Spirit today. Thank you! I still haven’t gotten into my normal routine here on WP as I am still processing my mother’s death and all that ensued afterwards … all huge shocks. Bless you for stopping by and leaving with me your light! Have a Blessed Sunday!!! Much Love to you! 💝


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