Now of course being I am only a mere human and therefore not nearly as intelligent as a Pileated Woodpecker, never saw it coming. I, the fumbling, heart in my throat, shaky photographer grappling below as this bird watched, managed to remove one lens to put on my big and very heavy 100-400mm lens. I … Continue reading Drats!


Sometimes when it feels as though the world is upon your shoulders know the openings will come where burdens are left behind. ~~~~~   Sometimes it’s as though you stand alone yet if you take time to look around a circle of support is clearly seen and a willing shoulder to lean on is close … Continue reading Sometimes

Crystal Clarity

Sometimes in order for a photographer to remain sharp   she must challenge herself which requires   a good eye, at times overcoming a hostile environment, seeing art,   a steady hand, and pushing beyond her “known” boundaries.   Sometimes a photographer is willing   to subject herself with discomfort and hardship   all for … Continue reading Crystal Clarity


A jumble of junk carelessly tossed yet … upon a blink and a wink alchemy appears, behold! a playground for fairies of white ~~~~~ There is a standing understanding between my neighbor and me.  His Father-in-Law owns the property seen in this image and for many years has collected junk. The moment this man and … Continue reading Alchemy


This photo was just taken out our study window at 7pm EST today.  You can barely make out our pole barn it is snowing and blowing so hard.  It is really coming down and according to Hubby not about to stop within the next few days.  Oh boy!! Yeah yeah yeah … despite my toes … Continue reading OH OH