Brand New Dawn

Life is magnificent.
Hard at times … yes very.
From out of the darkness
a Beautiful Beginning arrives
with the blush
of a Brand New Dawn
a New Era.


Only my husband is witness to the toll I’ve paid from the multiple soul-shocking events that occurred upon my mother’s death and ensuing events.  There were times I don’t know how I was standing, much less functioning.  As I told a friend, I was holding on to my Higher Connection so tightly that I had “blisters” on my hands.

Months of agony.  Months of confusion.  Months of chaos as I attempted to make sense out of madness.  Mind breaking Truths stared at me in the face and it took all my Will to accept what Is.

And then, Peace did come.  The gentle Flow of Reverence in Life came to my Heart and with gladness and with Great Joy, I embraced this Gift.  All that I had been struggling with, tormented with, all vanished.  In their place is the start of a Brand New Dawn heralding a new era in my Life.

Rejoice!  No matter what Life Struggle ensues you, don’t let go of the Divine Connection all of us have!  Don’t bend to the dark.  Know really know, that your Brand New Dawn is just over the horizon and will arrive exactly as it was meant to.

Picture was taken at night with an ISO of 4,000.  Light source was our outdoor porch lights.  This image was taken out of a window and what you see is a frozen Rose of Sharon branch and snow drifts in the left background.  I made it a black and white photo and played around a little in PS to get the “effect” I wanted.

Photography/ “Brand New Dawn”/ December 2017©AmyRose


45 thoughts on “Brand New Dawn

    1. Dan, the good news is I am bouncing back finally. I feel a newness both within me and around me because I have been determined to face the truth and not avoiding it. In so doing I’ve changed a lot of myths and fantasies into that truth, and I have accepted it. This journey has been extremely difficult and truly I do not know if it is over but for now at least, I have attained a new plateau. May you have a great Sunday today! 🎄

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  1. It is amazing how things can accumulate and all of a sudden it is like a dam is breaking and everything is blowing off in a big explosion. The peace and lightness that comes over us are so unbelievable. Blessings to you, Amy 💖

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    1. I could actually feel me not flowing and stuck. It was not a good feeling but yet I knew the process had to complete itself before I could move forward again. Sometime between yesterday and this morning that blockage broke and in so doing I feel the flow once again. I have been caring so much heaviness and hurt and to have the ability to now say goodbye to all that leaves me one very grateful woman. Much Love to you this day, dear Erika. 💕💥💕

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    1. Thank you for your words of kindness, Ivy. I’m determined to keep my positive perspective despite the terrible storms life brings with it at times. You are ever so welcome … it is my pleasure to share with you to assist you on your own Life Journey! Much Love to you! 💝


  2. Hi Amy 🙂 I am happy to hear you are feeling Peace and Joy! ❤ It looks like it was windy since the mini-icicles are frozen going sideways. Water can make really interesting designs. I was watching the Nature DVD "Christmas at Yellowstone" last night while picking up in the kitchen and doing the dishes. I have lost count of how many times I've seen it. 🙂 Water is a main character in the story in its many forms:steam, ice, snow, frozen water falls, frozen ice crystals from the cooling of the air. Happy creating! 🙂 Love and blessings to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I’m not sure how this froze. I think it was from the icicles that dripped from above and as the ice became heavier and heavier, the branch bent as you see here. Water is fascinating I agree. I do have plans on capturing water during these winter months. I’m very happy to hear your happiness through your words, Sarah. Much Love and many Blessings to you! 💝

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    1. Thank you, Donna! I’m touched my words really spoke to you. So many times I feel as if I share what I have learned and most don’t even hear me. Thank you for recognizing what I have passed on to you. It brings Great Joy to my Heart sharing with you and assisting you on your Life Journey! Much Love to you. 💝

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    1. Van, I have not forgotten about this comment. It was mandatory I take some time off and I’m still not “really” here. Along with this epiphany came “physical” symptoms that are being addressed. Oh yes this has been quite the “battle” and even with this victory, more of the puzzle is coming to the forefront to be dealt with. Wishing you Peace in return, dear friend. I really thank you for your continued support during this extremely acute phase of my life. Much Love, Amy 💝

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  3. Hi Amy,

    wonderful post, and wonderful quotes.”Don’t bend to the dark.”I love this. I watch that movie, where the main actor gives his life for his ideals, for light,for justice.And one ex friend asked him (who turned on the evil side) “Why you spill your blood for nothing” and he said “I draw the border with my blood.The border between YOU and ME” …”Don’t bend to the dark.” Thank you Amy

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    1. Sometimes I wonder, Ben, why I sacrifice so much in my life but then I realize it is because of my ideals and my willingness to live them out. Like I said I will not bend to the dark. When grieving from my triple death Event I succumbed to the dark yet I did not bend to it allowing to take my Will. Difficult to describe …. I am of the Light and I refuse to return from whence I was …. outside of the Light. Thank YOU for this wonderful and very thoughtful comment! Bless you! 💝


  4. The image is stunning! I needed to hear those words “don’t bend to the dark”. How often do we let go of that divine connection when life takes us down a beaten path. Great read! I needed this.


  5. I read this post of your works first after a long time, as I return from my break. my eyes are teary, a bit joyfully though at getting to read this most intimate awareness that we get through life experiences. I have some souls in my life that have truths staring at them, I am wishing to extend a similar trust to them …your post is a contribution to me.

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    1. My Joy is founded in that I have assisted you in your own life, Pragalbha. May every success in what you aim to achieve manifest. It is so good to see you once again and I thank you for taking the time to read my posts and commenting. Bless you and Happy New Year!! 😘🎉😘

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