Brand New Dawn

Life is magnificent. Truly! Hard at times … yes very. Yet! From out of the darkness a Beautiful Beginning arrives with the blush of a Brand New Dawn heralding a New Era. ~~~~ Only my husband is witness to the toll I’ve paid from the multiple soul-shocking events that occurred upon my mother’s death and … Continue reading Brand New Dawn

Healer’s Award

I have been given a most humbling recognition for the “healing work” I do here at Petals Unfolding. ¬†I was nominated for the Healer’s Award by Erika¬†and because this is such an extreme honor, I accepted. Yes I know I broke my own rule of not accepting awards. ¬†Yes I know Petals Unfolding is an … Continue reading Healer’s Award

Land Of The Lost

Knowing some friends and family in my 3D Life who are in a Transition Phase of their Lives, I created this post to encourage them.¬† My definition of “Land of the Lost” is: 1.¬† A place that is in between an old familiar place and a new unknown place.¬† Anna, I know you are in … Continue reading Land Of The Lost