52 thoughts on “Silence”

    1. I’m going for a walk in Reistein Woods today, Irene. Again I am struggling to lay at rest the inner turmoil. This journey is just so difficult! And I will NOT cheat myself by stuffing emotions down, denying myself the Perfect Healing that is to come. Bless you for your compliment on my photograph. I really did feel Peace in that moment as I stood there drinking it all in. Much Love to you this day! 💝

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    1. How I know the appreciation you feel. You are SO welcome, Helen! I’m just so thrilled you did stop by to see this post. I have two more images coming, (I think) that were taken that magical morning. I pray the Peace you felt is kept and that your sorrow has lifted for at least a little. Much Love to you, dear friend. 💝

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    1. Thank you, Mark. Snow is like a blanket or insulation. It deadens sound and really makes the world quiet. That morning I both felt and saw Peace as I was capturing the Beauty all around me. The fallen snow is somehow making me feel hugged and safe. I’m so happy you got to see this. I have (I think) two more posts coming with images from that special morning. I was hoping to get another one up today but … returning from a walk in Reinstein Woods without snowshoes (which I promise myself I won’t do again) I find myself tired from walking in ankle deep snow. So, another day perhaps? 😉 Much Love to you, dear friend. 💖

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I am staying warm, thank you! I’m adjusting to the cold and due to all the hiking and walking, I seem to require less layers to stay warm. This is a big victory for me! Have a great evening! Much Love to you! ☺️

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    1. Only someone who thinks deeply and soulfully, would understand the meaning behind my words. Bless you, Wendell! The morning I captured these beautiful images I believe I caught the Peace of God that wrapped Itself all around me. Much Love to you! 💞


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