40 thoughts on “Unclear”

    1. Yes, Susan, I am. Play and fun balances me out with all the “work” I do every day. I highly recommend it if you already don’t do it. Who says adults are not supposed to play? I beg to differ!! LOL (((HUGS))) ❤

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      1. I am getting there. I don’t have any pets except my bird in the house. My last dog passed last month the cats are outdoor. I have to take care to make certain that I don’t pick up some bad germs. But I feed them and I can see them.

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  1. What a great shot! I think change in our lives sometimes puts a cloud over our eyes, and it is hard to see what is to come. That can be stressful. I guess during times of stress, take time to play. Enjoy life. I like it all. Thanks for your words!

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    1. AmyRose, I didn’t realize you are a RN too! Small world :). I just saw your previous comment. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’ll take all of them. It’s not easy making a big change. 🙂​

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    2. My camera, Ipuna, many times functions as a toy and yes I play stressful times or not. We as adults tend to be SO serious about life when laughter is the best darn medicine. Thank you for your compliment about my shot. I took a long time to compose it with the reflections I saw in the window with what was outdoors so the whole would effortlessly flow together. SO happy you enjoyed this. Much Love, ❤

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    1. I agree, Marissa! In fact when I was editing this image the old picture theme stuck in my head but I really didn’t know how to do it exactly. So I played with colors and sliders and hoped the effect would portray an old picture. Thank you SO much for your comment!! You made my day! 🙂 ❤


    1. Dearest Mar, I had one of the best days I have had today in a long time. THANK YOU! I awoke during the night thinking upon the challenges some of my cats are presenting with but I was able to convince myself to go back to sleep. Those cats who I thought had bladder infections do and the antibiotics that our Vet prescribed yesterday are already showing me that they are feeling better. Tough to know which ones are having trouble and so I must really be able to “read” these guys. It was a toss up between 4 cats. I chose the right 2!
      As for this picture another huge thank you! I carefully composed this image with what I saw reflected in the window with what was outside so that the whole would flow harmoniously. I was thrilled with the results and thrilled your eyes see as mine do. Very cool! Exactly! Dimensions within dimensions. So Much Love, Gratitude and (((HUGS)))!!! Bless you! How I wish I could hug you for real. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Wish I could hug you for real too! But still I send one. I am so glad to hear the fur babies are better. More proof to listen to that brilliant inner voice you have. We are definitely on the same radar aren’t we…and I love it! And you! Blessings Dear One!

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    1. Ah, but I do drive a tractor, a riding mower. And still to this day I have trouble with reverse. In fact I was just talking about that today. And laughed. I cannot stand that noise smelly tractor next door because it is fueled with diesel and my neighbor just about every year turns that baby over every Spring when I have my windows open. Not cool. But that tractor does make for a lovely picture. Yes? 🙂


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