Having Fun (2 IMAGES)


I found myself after a very challenging day on the couch just “playing”.  I first started in the PixLr app on my phone then imported to PS then on to LR.  Please don’t ask me how I created this because I could not tell you.  I just played.  (smile)  The second image is the original.

The clouds here lately have been incredible.  The photo below was taken with my Samsung cellphone.   (smile)

The original:


Photography/ Digital Art/ “Having Fun” December 2016©AmyRose

❤ ❤ ❤

74 thoughts on “Having Fun (2 IMAGES)

    1. PixLr is amazing, Morgan!! The options are endless as I am just discovering. At first I was disappointed thinking “oh there’s not too much to this program”. The more I began to push selections (what’s this for I wonder?) the more my amazement grew. I may do another one like this for this week. I’m in need of a “rest” from some really challenging photo shoots so, I may stay inside and play. And yes this does get you to think (at least it does me) how we can be transformed with say just ONE change. Hmmmmm …… ❤

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    1. I LOVE the creative process, Celia, because many times there is no thought. It just happens. At least it does with me. When I shove Mind out of the way and just flow … and let my Heart guide me, truly Magic does happen. Oh yes I have studied much and have practiced much and am so determined to improve, yet the Magic ingredient is Flow with Heart. (big smiles) ❤


    1. I LOVE to play, Marissa. I never know what will come forth as I just move sliders or click buttons and see what happens. Of course I am looking all the time for colors, balance, the “feel” …. and when I nail it I stop. Usually when I start I have NO clue what I am going after. It’s just play!!! LOL ❤


      1. It has changed me in a lot of many ways. I am much more aware . I some times just look at were I am and I see the little things that I took for granted. I can watch the cats for long stretch’s and learn from them. stuff like that.

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      2. Keep that “way”, Susan, for as time passes, you will once again be immersed in Life as you once were. Yet, with this new awareness one must practice it daily or else it will be forgotten. I know. When I had my NDE and the phase where I was not walking, a new appreciation of Life came to me. I still carry that awareness with me, but I must admit I sometimes “forget” and get stuck back in the “illusions” life brings. Every time I’m with my camera the “feeling” returns, or when I just hang with my cats or just gaze all around me at the wonder of Life. It’s a whole new way of “seeing”. 🙂

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    1. LOL I’m doing it again today, Kathy, for tomorrow’s post. I’m literally on zero for pics …. sure I could go back into my archives where lay thousands of pics … but …. since it is cold and snowing out I’ve decided to play. 😉 I MAY be getting some good pics tomorrow depending on the winds. Hope you are having a great day!! ❤

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      1. Nothing wrong with playing and seeing what turns up. We are hibernating at this point. It’s only 1 degree outside right now. Got a cold so just taking it easy for the moments. Hugs and Love ❤

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      2. It’s only 6 degrees here. NOT going out today except for my barn run. If I did not have to it, I wouldn’t be out. Hubby right now digging us out snow blowing the driveway. Brrrrrr …… ❤

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      3. Today I did not, Kath. I actually went to one of the parks I go to, trudging through a good 10 inches of snow all to get good pics. At first I’m sure I was at my target heart rate and huffing and puffing, but eventually I adjusted. That is tough hiking through snow! I’m looking into snow shoes to rent when I go whereI was today. I honestly didn’t know they do not clear the trails. What a workout! 🙂 ❤

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      4. Good for you! I’m thinking of bringing out a scarf I’m crocheting. I still have 2 more body butters to make for gifts but perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow. And of course I really need to go for a walk to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. No camera though. It’s supposed to rain. 😦

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      5. Another thing we have in common. Like knitting and crocheting although mainly in the Winter. Love fishing in the Spring/Summer. Could use some fresh air, too. Although with the frigid temps about to come we will see ❤

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      6. Temps in 30’s right now so I’m getting out while the going’s good. I found my really good closeup glasses that I use when crocheting with crochet thread which is very tough on the eyes. Yes I do enjoy!


    1. But of course adults can play. We tend to get so stuffy and so serious. Thank goodness for children, pets and of course our fun stuff we do to keep us all light and giggly. I’m playing again today for the morrow’s post … It’s really blowing out there and no way no how will I be out until things calm down. I’m on E for present pics. *rubbing hands* All the more reason to play!! LOL ❤

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