Yesterday all those years ago ~~~~ resplendent youth shines indestructible with hope ~~~~ appetite for life voracious ~~~~ boldly ¬†brassy ~~~ unstoppable, immortal ~~~~ until! a flicker a whisper brings an irrefutable cloud ~~~~ change close behind ~~~~ where once brow without wrinkle and movement without thought ~~~~ subtlely¬†do fade ~~~ to fragmented memory afar … Continue reading Folly

Broken Child

They who hold harsh grudges and condemnation as judges within their angry breasts deny Prince Peace a place of rest as shattered dreams of such strife fight within their war-torn life ~~~~ I honestly “thought” these small “wisdom sayings” were a thing of the past. ¬†I was proven wrong one eve not long ago as … Continue reading Broken Child

Patterns (2 IMAGES)

The deeply engrained patterns that dictate anger and cruelty found buried deep in psyche will not change until the one who¬† gives life to dictators ¬†anger and cruelty see and acknowledge these tyrannical patterns so¬†evolvement¬†can come. ~~~ When a child is taught to act cruelly and is surrounded by gross anger, fear, and pain, that … Continue reading Patterns (2 IMAGES)


Without Experiential knowledge Conceptual knowledge would not be understood ~~~ Photography/ “Knowledge”/ October 2017¬©AmyRose ūü§ĒūüćĀūü§Ē Again comments are closed. ¬†Between the beautiful weather and still going through comments from the post titled, “What Is The Point?”, my time here has been limited. ¬†My Heart is calling me to be in a Forest or outside … Continue reading Knowledge

Before You Do

Before you criticize you better know full well what it’s like to walk in the shoes you spew toxic waste at! And before that forked tongue utters one criticism how about changing¬† the Lens of your Heart to see the Light instead of dark? It is guaranteed when you stop the criticism and when you … Continue reading Before You Do

Passage (12 IMAGES)

Storms in life as Mother would say ~~~ bring new growth, ~~~ yet as we but know especially those who have wandered far ~~~ the construction found within new growth hurts. ¬†Oh yes. ¬†Hurts. ~~~ Always always light does come ~~~ after each storm ~~~ so to encourage those of you ~~~ with queasy tums … Continue reading Passage (12 IMAGES)

Disjointed Fragments

At times the¬† disjointed fragments that comprise our life given¬†patience and over time will transform into our very own unique masterpiece of art ~~~~~ MF Macro Photography Handheld/ “Disjointed Fragments”/April 2017¬©AmyRose Image very cropped from original NO DIGITAL ART EMPLOYED Being that I do not have a powerful enough macro lens to actually have … Continue reading Disjointed Fragments


The deliberately masterfully placed decoys — the illusional¬†ruination of today’s world … corruption, chaos, deception, greed … are just only that — decoys. Realizing this as Truth when we take our eyes off the insidious¬†ways of¬†our world and position them on Spirit and Light our True Natures gracefully emerge and as a remarkable result Love … Continue reading Decoys

Scars Of Deep

When scars of deep wake you from a deep sleep ¬†pillows found drenched as leaking eyes weep dry those aching eyes and hug that breaking Heart knowing those scars of deep will again fade when Beauty is found in the Joys of Life ~~~~ MF Macro Without Tripod Photography/ “Scars Of Deep” October 2016¬©AmyRose … Continue reading Scars Of Deep