If we but mirror
the symmetry
and grace

Mother displays
would we not be
beautiful in all ways?

Photography/ “Symmetry”/ October 2017©AmyRose

[Photograph captured in Chestnut Ridge County Park, NY]

I walked in the pouring rain on Sunday.  Three times I was told I was nuts to be out in weather like that.  Three times I threw my head back and laughed and said then it is nuts I am because I LOVE being out in the rain.  I heard those who told me I was nuts, laugh and admit they too loved the rain.

Returning to my car after a vigorous walk, my thoughts began to dip into unhappy, missing terribly those who I’ve recently lost.  My thoughts were on my Mom and how I wished she was still here to see the Fall Colors that she Loved so much.  Even surrounded by all this Glory I felt my emotions dip into “dangerous territory”.

A falling leaf then gently danced on my face before falling to the ground.  Startled, I instantly knew in that moment it was my best friend chiding me for feeling blue when surrounded by such Beauty.  I “heard” him saying … stop this nonsense and get back to living!

When he was in this realm of existence, there had been a time he was despondent over a very good friend’s demise.  It took me a while but I finally convinced him that his friend would not want him to feel so low.  You could say my best friend was just repaying me a favor somewhat with the touch of that leaf.  Thank you, friend.  (smile)

And so with a shake of my head I bid adieu to my reverie and smiled hugely.  Life is for the living and besides, with him watching out for me and still giving me a lecture what more could I ask for?  Oh yes the tears still do come and will probably for a long time, yet the Lesson here is not to stay immersed in those tears but to find the Happy in life and stay there.

Someone once told me happy was not possible to experience in this realm.  I however, disagree.  Happy is a state of Mind that you choose to experience even when tripping over minefields of pain.

Though I have a rain sleeve for my Canon I decided against the “hassle” of bringing my Canon with me that day.  Good thing that I made that decision because it really poured!  Instead I used my Samsung phone and shot so many images that my battery went dead.  Huh.  How do ya like that?

Happy Halloween!


55 thoughts on “Symmetry

    1. LOL… I knew what you meant, Dan. This person who made that statement sad to say was just so tied up in knots with religiosity and the such. That in turn made this person unabke ti see the infinite possibilities life has to hold. I choose happy every day. Admittedly, some days are more challenging than others… I’m sure we all can say that just not me. May you have a great day today! 💕🎃💕

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  1. I believe in “signs” also. With me, it’s a feather or a butterfly that presents itself at the most unexpected moments. Once I was in a grocery store line-up and suddenly a white butterfly flew in front of me and no one else seemed to notice. A momentary sense of disbelief, then a feeling of happiness overwhelmed me. Weird! Happy Halloween also Amy. ❤

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    1. There are times I “see” signs that I’m not sure are “real”. One time I “saw” my neighbor with a cast on her right ankle and I asked her what happened. She looked at me with a blank expression asking what I meant. I looked again and the cast was gone. Weird! Two days later she was in a motorcycle accident and broke her right ankle. Hmmmmmm …. Things like that don’t happen a lot but when they do they really get me thinking. Very cool about the white butterfly. A sign for you and you alone. Totally understand the “happy” washing over you. Have a great day, Olga!! 🍁

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  2. I have so enjoyed on catching up on your blog, Amy! The fall colors (that I do not much see here) are wonderful in every single shot, rain or shine 🙂 And…as to those lessons, they are subtle and we need to have open eyes to see “the falling leaf” of whatever is sent to remind us.

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    1. The more “open” we are, Helen, the more we “see” and experience. Life at times truly is magical. Ya gotta obtain a certain frame of mind, however, in order to experience the magic. Much Love to you this day! 💞

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  3. Such wonderful words AR…It is the random falling leaf we must all pay attention too, for Creator has his ways of speaking with us, Like the falling book in the bookstore that drops from the shelf in front of us, we are meant to read and learn from it….Sacred signs, signs bearing messages.They are always there guiding us along. Gentle ways of saying “Wake up!”…..Glad you took that walk and I’m even more glad to see you notice the dark trying to creep in and willing it away. Noticing when the dark beckons us is half the battle. Once we can see and feel the dark before it grabs us we have the opportunity to steer clear of it!!!! Good job! Have a happy week and a gentle heart….VK ❤

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    1. The more we are “aware” the more we “see”. Being tugged toward the dark at times is appropriate for it is there I express my deep sense of loss for my Mother, best friend, and precious Tee. Yet there is a time for all things and on that day the time was not appropriate. It takes a lot of experience to differentiate between the pull of dark that wants to destroy the happy, from the pull of dark that is required for healing. May you have a happy week as well. Mine has been truly a good one thus far!! Much Love to you, VK!! 💞

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  4. I was out of the loop for a bit glad your doing fine, still taking pictures you ❤️. I,m fighting the good fight here. Haromizing! Will check all the beauty I missed not being on. Blessing for being you it means so much to me. Love and love some more.

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    1. Michael, SO good to hear from you! Yes I am still taking pictures, and in fact, more of less OD’ed this Autumn taking probably up to 1000 or more pictures. LOL Keep on the good fight, dear friend. And soak in the Beauty here at Petals. Much Love to you this day! 💞


  5. Hi Amy 🙂 What a beautiful and evocative photo and thoughtful poem!! ❤ I don't know what it is about paths through the woods that bring up such a lot of day dreaming. 🙂 I love the photo of you smiling in your rain jacket as well. So cute! 🙂 I am happy for you that the leaf fell and brushed your face as you were lost in your reverie. A gentle reminder and hello from your friend. ❤ For me, it is being connected to God and spirit that opens up the space for the Happy in spite of pain. About a decade ago, I knew a man who had a difficult childhood and then went on to make decisions that resulted in a difficult adulthood as well. I tried to explain how my happiness and joy comes from connection to spirit. He thought I must be able to be happy because I had never experienced pain or at least not the intense pain he had. He wanted me to tell him about What had happened in my life that prompted me to think I might have a clue as to what he was going through. I didn't answer. I prayed for him instead. He said he believed in God. He said the only one he feared was God. I didn't and don't actually understand this way of viewing God. I don't fear him. I have been afraid of many things in life, but not him. I am looking forward to seeing more of your rainy walk photos! Love and blessings for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Firstly, thank you about me in my raincoat. I dared to post that picture because IMO I’ve got lines I had not before my Mom died, and I have aged. Hopefully with time that too will change and my “youthful” appearance will return. If not that’s OK too. I am who I am. (smile) As for that man, my empathy is high. All have choices to make in life, regardless of what we have been through as a child. I had a horrible childhood but I was determined to change and I have and still am! I choose HAPPY. And I choose LOVE not hate. As for fearing God, that one I never understood either and whenever I heard someone “preach” the “fear” of God, my teeth went on edge. NO! God is LOVE, LOVE is God. Sarah, you have every right to Love God. Your Heart knows and your Heart is telling you the Truth. It’s man’s twisted thinking that wants the power that is innately ours to be disconnected. Uh uh not me! Nature is my means of connection and it is yours. And that leaf … yep, my friend with a gentle reminder no, this is not the time to mourn but to live. Don’t get me wrong. The tears do still come for I miss my Mom and my friend and my Tee more then I can put into words. But I will not let the sadness to control me. Tomorrow’s post will be different. Grab a tissue. It’s a good one. Much Love and many Blessings to you, dear friend! 💞

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      1. I will make sure to have a tissue when I read tomorrow’s post. 🙂 ❤ Your photo reminded me of Paddington Bear. If you'd been holding a little Paddington Bear or a marmalade sandwich (or both) and had galoshes on your feet, then I would had been sure you traveled back in time for the photo. I had to imagine the bear, the galoshes, and the marmalade sandwich. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Mark, I’ve lived with these signs all my life only now I have the courage to talk about them. LOL If we have but eyes that see, every moment holds clues and signals and signs and wonders. If we have but eyes to see. And no, no umbrella hat. It really was pouring rain and my Canon would have got wet (too wet) even with the umbrella hat. I don’t like that rain sleeve so I’ve never used it. What can I say? Tee hee ….. 😉

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    1. Ah, yes, Gratitude has everything to do with happy. You should hear me sometimes out in the woods saying out loud, “Oh, God, thank you for this your Gift to me!” (I interchange the word God with Mother…) I’ve been lifted so high this year with the Fall Colors! And in so doing, my Heart pain has been alleved some. Much Love this day! 💝

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      1. And YOU gave me confirmation what I have suspected for a long time. I am never told what anything means but just to follow my Heart. I’ve suspected that through my hands flow “messages” to those who are ready to hear them. The words just come effortlessly and many a time I have no remembrance or what I even said. There are also times when I do things or say things that I “think” are “messages” but again I’m not “told” if they are. THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart for clearing up a mystery for me. 💖🌹💖

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