Cat And Mouse

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck* ….. wait a minute! ¬†That’s not right! ¬†That’s not how this¬†story goes. ¬†The mouse ran up the screen door. ¬†No rhyme here but nonetheless it’s true. ¬†Shall I now start from the beginning of this tale? I had just fallen asleep when Hubby … Continue reading Cat And Mouse

Healing Touch (2 IMAGES)

The healing touch of water the coolness of the blue all with one Purpose to Heal the Heart that’s blue. ~~~~~~ (This image is my first panorama photograph taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone.¬† This is what Blossom Falls looked like last evening when I was shooting pictures.¬† It was taken when the light … Continue reading Healing Touch (2 IMAGES)

Million Petals Peonies (8 MACROS)

The other day at Sultry Suds Launderette,

a beautiful but suspicious young woman could not understand why I put soil in some of the machines at the Launderette.

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Dance of Life (12 IMAGES)

[Yes, this is the SPECIAL one I promised. You talk about straight from my HEART? You will understand when you read it and view it. With Love, Amy]


04 24 14_0907_1
When I was a mere child
of only five years of age

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