The 6D Journey Begins (3 IMAGES)


It is befitting in every way as you will shortly see, that I begin my 6D Journey with a story about a clock that had stopped ticking.

Our Master Bathroom has a dead “AA” battery in it for at least the past three years.  Because that bathroom is not being used as it was meant to be used (Another story and one I don’t think I will share … you don’t want your glasses steaming up!) the battery never got changed.

So that particular clock had stopped ticking at 10:40am.  And stayed that way for at least three years.

There is a room leading off the Master Bathroom, a small one, where my Karma was guided back Home in my arms as I sat tenderly holding him while sitting on the floor.  A few days later I entered the Master bathroom to use my makeup mirror and to fuss with my hair when I noticed that the clock that had stopped ticking was now ticking.  Not only was it ticking it had the exact correct time on it, only one hour behind as it would when we set our clocks for Fall.

I asked my husband if he had put in a new battery in this clock.  His answer was no.

Let me say this again.  The time on the ticking clock with the dead battery in it showed the exact correct time, only one hour behind as we will have shortly when we set our clocks back for Fall. 

I returned to that bathroom and I stood there looking at this clock, with tears running down my face.  My Karma’s energy is so pure and so powerful that when it was released in the next room, it put life back into that dead battery and not only that, that clock began to tick at a time when the correct time (minus one hour for Fall) would show.  Nothing anyone says or does will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

Friends, I know this is hard for anyone to believe but it is the Truth.  So why am I telling this story and what does it have to do with my Canon 6D?  Because at the same time my Karma started to show signs he was going Home, my Canon 50D started to go downhill.  Coincidence?  I know not. My new Canon 6D that replaced my Canon 50D  I consider to be Karma’s Gift to me for unconditionally Loving him for 17 years, taking such good care of him with many times going against what the “experts” told me to do, and doing all I humanly could to make his Journey back Home nearly as comfortable and painless as possible.

The ticking clock will be the reminder to go forward with my Life especially at those times my Life seems to have stopped and to use my Canon 6D to create create create so much Beauty with Karma’s spirit wrapped all around me.

LR -0039

This red Rose “spoke” to me and She said, “I represent the pure Love between you and Karma and my Petals bow in respect in seeing the grief in your Heart.  I am you in Rose form.”

LR -0036

This white Rose “spoke” to me and She said, “I represent the Peace and Compassion that Karma radiated.  Know that this same Peace and Compassion are still with you.”

And yes, all three images were taken with my Canon 6D.  A friend suggested to me I publish photographs that truly are not up to the “Amy standard” and so, Dan, this is what I did here.  The white Rose did not come out as I would have liked, but nevertheless I posted it in order for all of us to see me improve as I become over time accustomed to my Canon 6D.  The Red Rose on the other hand blew me away with the detail and emotion it showed, yet still really not up to my “standard”.  I have so much to learn on this camera, and I have still to discover its sweet spots.

Welcome to the world of pictures taken with my Gift from Karma, my cherished Canon EOS 6D. Thank you, Karma, for making Mommy’s Dream come true.
❤ ❤ ❤

PS  Did anyone catch how I signed AmyRose on my first image?  Um, right!

MF Photography/ “The 6D Journey Begins” August 2016©AmyRose



77 thoughts on “The 6D Journey Begins (3 IMAGES)

  1. What a coincidence your clock came back to life, Amy. It is amazing how you can feel things, and let the world speak to you. At times it must be eerie because in a way you can sense the future but also, you get to know how the world works better. Sometimes the world wants to tell us certain things and from what you wrote, I think the world wants you to be happy 🙂

    I like your new signature, and how you put it right under the clock in the first photo. You are at one with time. You know, we are all time.

    Lovely, lovely work and bokeh with the Canon 6D. As a Canon enthusiast myself, I applaud you for your choice of new camera 😀 So excited to see what you can do with it when you get to know it even better. These macros are already stunning x ❤

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    1. Mabel, it is not eerie to me at all when Life shows me signs. I in fact, look for those signs and do my best to interpret them. I believe, no in fact I really know, that is how we are meant to Live, in Harmony with All around us. We just have to shift our perspective in our seeing in order to see those signs. They really are all around us. I look to Mother Nature, for example, as to when I should begin to start my Fall gardening. The signs are telling me Fall is coming in fast. As for my signature, I spelled my name wrong, LOL! And as for my camera I LOVE it although a bit overwhelmed at this point. I must “play” around with the settings in order to achieve the “effect” I like. This full frame camera is a entirely different species then my APS-C sensor camera. This truly is an adventure!!! Much Love!!! ❤


      1. Keep feeling the world around you, Amy. I think a lot of us run from it because we are so used to comfort and routine. When we go out there and follow the signs, only then can we find out what we’re capable of. Looking forward to more photos soon. Full frame – well deserved after all these years ❤

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  2. We are all just this intimately connected as you so beautifully describe here. There are no true coincidences and I totally believe what you have shared. The pictures are soft and a little mournful! Beautiful!

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    1. Honestly, Carol, how these Roses were captured stunned me because both held so much Emotion. I did not do that. They did. If we but see All That Is our amazement would be never ending. As for the clock, it is still ticking and every time I look at it I get this funny feeling in my stomach and a deep ache in my Heart. Karma’s sign to me, and his Gift to me, I will carry with me for the rest of my Life. THIS is the Love he taught me, my dear friend, something no human ever did. This is why I miss him so. His Love was just so huge. As my Life Journey continues, I know I will find that Love in the human species in Real Life, for when something is taught and then that something is learned, it is experienced in Real Life. I grew up knowing not what Love was, and decades later, now I do. Love you, dear friend!!! ❤

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      1. The bad days are getting better and the good days are mostly just that. But it can be frustrating sometimes. Like when we have a low pressure in the area. Thank you for your kindness.

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      2. OH, Susan, I barely have done anything for you! I’ve been so busy on my end and feel badly at times how much time has flown by. I’m so happy to hear your bad days are getting better and soon, very soon you will have good days more then the bad. Just hang in there!!! BIG (((HUGS))) ❤ ❤ ❤

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      3. I just get a little crazy when something new I have to attend to.think that the most difficult part is that I don’t have enough thinking time in between.


  3. What an odd story! I’m skeptical of the supernatural but it seems as if this one would have no other explanation! So glad to see you experimenting with your new camera. I would only assume that any flaws in these pictures were put there purposely and are, nonetheless, perfect!!

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    1. Marissa, I’ve experienced some things that just blow me away and I stand there not believing, yet knowing that I really did experience something I cannot explain. It happens more often then not with me. As for the imperfections, you are too kind. I am SO thrilled you enjoyed these pictures and you see perfection. Bless you, dear friend! 🙂 ❤


  4. Your connection with Karma was so special after so many years. No wonder, that you get those signs. Love is the answer ❤
    Beautiful photos and I'm looking forward to see more new photos.
    Much love ❤
    How is Cookie now?

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    1. I still used my old Canon and believe it or not, captured some exceptional images will it was fizzing out. Now that I have my 6D I will be very involved creating and thinking about where next to explore. For years I attempted to get that velvety look from my 50D but failed. Now I finally got those velvet petals!!! YES!!! I guess the “right” camera makes all the difference in this instance and it is not all about who is operating the camera. 🙂 ❤

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      1. You always have wonderful messages to deliver, Amy! It is a beautiful story of a loving connection between spirits and many signs in this physical world that prove it. Some things can be believed or not but you feel it and that is all that matters. Btw. I could feel it clearly too. I am glad you just tell what wants to be told 💖

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      2. I believe you, Erika, in that you felt the “energy” through this post. I sent this post to a friend via email and he told me he got goosebumps before he even opened it, and therefore he knew it was really important. Yes, another sensitive. 🙂 ❤

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  5. The clock story is amazing, Amy, but these things do happen. I’m so glad that you’re working with your new camera and that you decided to bring us along on this journey-to-perfection. The flower photos are lovely.

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    1. Thank you, Dan, for believing me. The human race overall demands to have answers for everything, yet in truth, that is not possible. When we really see what is around us and when things as I stated here in this post happen, we are left with a sense of “no way!”, “not possible!”, “I cannot believe this!”, and then the awe and the goosebumps. Because what you are seeing is really happening in a way there are no explanations. Life itself is a Mystery. Why do humans have to rationalize, compartmentalize, logicsize, and anything else “ize”? Why can’t we all realize the “magic” of being alive and embrace Life in its complete incredible uniqueness? When I began to see Life as a “story” and a weaving, and a Mystery, Life became exciting.
      And as for my less then perfect images, I plan on keeping them coming until I get to know my camera’s secrets. And yes she holds many secrets just waiting for me to discover. 🙂 ❤

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  6. What a amazing story and loved the fact that you were able to interpret it.Karma loves showed through with the clock and the magic that you both shared. Love the pictures with your 60D and the detail.It’s going to be a great camera.
    It’s funny you should mention Fall as we were talking about it yesterday since the temps have been getting cooler and realizing that August is almost done. Time flies. Hugs ❤

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    1. Thank you, Kathy, and in fact I say thank you again. I keep intending to go to that bathroom more often just to spend a few moments in reflection about Karma, but darn it, I get pulled into doing this that or the other. Right after I am finished with this comment, a day later, I am going to that room! As for Fall … Oh my! I had not been to Chestnut Ridge Park for about 2 weeks due to the heat and not sure I could hike that strenuous trail in that heat. I went hiking yesterday starting around 2pm and I was shocked by the placement of the sun in the sky, how low it had become. In fact there were places in the forest that I know like the back of my hand that I honestly did not recognize because the LIGHT was different. In 2 weeks the sun has made a huge dip, another sign of Fall. Yes, August is almost gone. Unbelievable!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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      1. I know what you mean about getting pulled away and going too many directions at times. Glad that you can connect with Karma by going in there. The Loss is huge. Yes, feel like Fall is coming soon. Not as light as long here, either. This month went by fast. Hugs ❤

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  7. How wonderful to get a message from Karma. When my cat disappeared it was heartbreaking. Yet a couple of weeks later I was lying on the couch and I could feel him on my knees. So I knew he was safe and in a better place and I could move on. It was hard to know that we had no idea where he was. He didn’t like where we had moved to and the other cats in the area didn’t like him. So he was always in fights. So once I felt him in a better place I was so relieved. Enjoy your new camera with Karma in your heart. These images are so beautiful

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    1. Oh, Raewyn, I agree with you what a heartbreaking experience. Thank goodness he gave you that message! You must have been so relieved! As for my camera, oh yes I am enjoying and hope to get on Petals something I took last evening. I had another post planned, but oh well, that’s how things happen sometimes. 😉 ❤


    1. I agree with you, Karen, that I must make allowances for this change in cameras. I am enjoying this camera very much and so far I have had a very good week, the best I have had in a long time. Thank you so much for your kindness!!! ❤

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    1. Yes, Karma is still with me, Julie, yet being there has been so little time yet between his leaving and this present day, I miss his physical presence terribly. I’m learning to live without him in my life, as are his brothers and sisters, some who are really still so sad. We all miss his hugs the most.
      I’ve been playing with my camera and I think tomorrow I will show the absolute wonder I created with this camera. And of course a story will be told this time in place of my little sayings. Honey, I’ve waited a long time for this baby! I’m sure you LOVE yours too!!! 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you, Chris, and thank you again for believing me. That clock is still ticking and I now take “time” to go just to sit in that room, talking to Karma. It is bittersweet and some days still just too painful. There are things in Life we just are not able to explain and this is most definitely one of them. ❤

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