Cat And Mouse

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck* ….. wait a minute!  That’s not right!  That’s not how this story goes.  The mouse ran up the screen door.  No rhyme here but nonetheless it’s true.  Shall I now start from the beginning of this tale?

I had just fallen asleep when Hubby comes rushing into the bedroom insisting I get up now-right-now to see something.  You have got to be kidding!  Once my head hits that pillow, I’m done, as in D O N E.  Oh you betcha I told him what he could do with this getting up idea … yet he would not stop jabbering.  Begrudgingly and with much protesting I got out of bed and followed him.

I stumbled down the stairs, …. Wha???? Where am I again? …. into the kitchen and over to the eating room where I saw a sight I have NEVER seen before.  A manic Rusty was frantically jumping up and down up and down, about 3 feet into the air, desperately clawing at the glass sliding door, whining and crying.  He was looking up at a cool-as-a-cucumber mouse clinging to our screen door almost right at the very top of it.  He was actually above my head!

Have any of you seen a mouse that CLIMBS?

And this was no ordinary mouse.  Not by any means!  Oh no!  I swear that mouse was grinning and deliberately taunting Rusty saying …. “Ha ha ha … ya can’t get me but I can make you crazy, you stupid cat!  There is a glass door between us!”  Staring down at Rusty who was franticly going out of his mind, I swear that mouse was laughing!

Then Hubby chimed in, “Oh no!  What if this mouse is pregnant and gets in the house?”  Everyone around me was in a wild frenzy.  I mean, really?  Even Dad now?  I know I’ve never seen a mouse climb up a screen door and taunt a cat.  Yet, like the mature adult I am, I did know how to get rid of him.

I glanced at Hubby now frothing at the mouth, and as I moved towards the sliding glass door, said, “All you’ve got to do is flick that darn mouse off the screen and he’s gone.  I mean, what is the big deal here?”  The moment I went to open the sliding glass door, that mouse took one look at me, knew I meant business, FLEW off the screen onto the wooden step below and then leaped onto the grass before running into one of my gardens.

Second question.  Have any of you ever seen a flying mouse?

Only at my house do these things happen, I swear.  And yeah, Hubby was right in saying I wouldn’t have believed him if he had not woken me up to see the ruckus. Personally, I think he was freaking out and wanted a woman to take care of a wee little mouse.  What do you think?

No I did not get a picture of this mouse with my phone.  As it was I only had one eye open.  😂  And I have no remembrance of hitting that pillow again.  😂

Picture is of Rusty.

*Hickory Hickory Dock

Photography/ “Cat And Mouse”/ November 2017©AmyRose


66 thoughts on “Cat And Mouse

    1. It’s a darn good thing that sliding glass door was shut because I am sure Rusty would have gone flying through the screen to get that mouse. We sometimes have that door open because the cats just love to sit there smelling the fresh air. Never have I seen a mouse climb and then fly. I honestly thought I was hallucinating! LOL Much Love to you and yours, Irene. Have a great day!!! 🤗👣🤗

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      1. He he he Amy, I know, how it looks, when one of my cats brought a mouse home. I can imagine Rusty 😀
        The worst, when my boys were younger, was when they brought home a mouse without killing it first, then released it inside the house and then the wild hunt by both the cats, at that time I had 4 beauties and I. Sometimes we caught the mouse, but not always. That was not so much fun. As you know, my boys were not raised by their cat mommy, but by me and I couldn’t teach them, what to do with a mouse….. My old lady cat that time showed them one day and they were very impressed to see, what to do. I think, she got tired to see mice inside the house 🙂 Usually she didn’t want the kittens around her, but this time, she showed them.

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      2. We have one cat inside by the name of Cookie who used to be the queen mouse hunter. She was truly amazing. I actually taught her how to mercy kill and that is no exaggeration. I could not stand how these mice were being tortured and so I took Cookie aside and told her one bite through the back of the neck. I don’t know how she understood me but she did and from there she became the hunter of all Hunters. One day she went back into the woods came out carrying a mouse killed it, ate it, went back again and this happened for a good hour. She was unbelievable. She could bring down a mouse in a blink eat, that mouse in under 5 minutes and then turn around and get another one. So I had absolutely no worries if that mouse had gotten into this house because Cookie would have found it. And the thought of a mouse in my house really does give me the willies. No thank you!

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      3. Cookie sounds to be a great hunter, Amy.
        My female cat Columbine did show the boys, how to do. She was also a great hunter and did kill very fast, at least so much, as I did see.
        I had another cat Tintin, who was blind in one eye. He tried his best, but had problems, so good for him to have the food bowls inside.
        Very well done to teach Cookie, Amy 😀
        I could just imagine the hunt inside, my Columbine would also find the mouse, but after much stress of all of us first.

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      4. I just thank goodness that the mouse knew I meant business and did not try to get into this house. Although that door was closed mice have been known to get into places that you would not even think they could. Tee by the way was a terrible hunter and no matter how I tried to teach him to mercy kill, he was ruthless and tortured mice to which I couldn’t even watch. Too many times I had to mercy kill with a very sharp knife. I hope those days are over with! My hands are healer hands and it was so hard for me to do that.

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    1. Garfield, this story was meant to make you laugh! If we can’t have some laughter within our lives then we would become too serious. Some of the things that happen to me I just have to laugh at and so I shared with you my story to give you a belly laugh. 😂


  1. Ha ha…good thing you came to the rescue !! We had an encounter with a “super mouse” a while back. Got caught in a trap, carried it around for hours, hiding from us under boxes in the basement. He was released to the back yard, scampered away unharmed. Huh ???

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    1. That’s exactly the kind of response I had when I saw this mouse on our screen. Huh? Are you serious? And he was just casually hanging out is if there was no big deal that he had climbed up the screen door and now taunting a cat. And they say mice are not smart… Makes you think doesn’t it, Van?

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    1. LOL Rusty and most of the cats we’re at that sliding glass door for hours last evening just hoping to see that mouse again. Hubby kept on saying it is just too quiet in here and… Where is everybody? He found everybody in the eating area staring out that sliding glass door. Just too funny. 🤣

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  2. Hysterical AR!!! What a sight to behold and at such a bewitching hour….Glad Rusty didn’t give himself a heart attack with all that frantic jumping. One of those moments that are just a sheer delight to experience…Glad you returned to your pillow….VK 🙂

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    1. Thank the heavens some of us have not forgotten how to laugh! I’m still giggling over this one, VK! Rusty is young and a little stinker and at times has too much energy. This worked out in my favor because he burned some of that energy off and has been quieter since. And yes these moments I would swear are sent deliberately just to get me to laugh so that some of my soul weariness lifts. As well, when I finally hit that pillow, I am out like a light except of course, my Mom’s ear is tuned for sounds of trouble. Have a great weekend! 🤗

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  3. I know gerbils can climb, so why not a mouse? And yes, I believe that mouse was taunting that cat. At our last house, there was a squirrel that consistently made a point of running up a pole or a fence just high enough that Cody couldn’t reach it, and then the silly squirrel would sit there swishing its tail, and I swear it was grinning at Cody’s displeasure. And there was the bunny who often made a point of running right under Cody’s nose so Cody would chase it around the yard – that bunny knew Cody could never catch it!

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    1. And some would say there is no intelligence in those Critters. I beg to differ with them! I have seen some things that just leave my mouth hanging open and awe. Some of the stories I could tell… Thank you so much for reading this post and for commenting, CM. Have a great weekend! 💕🎄💕

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  4. Hi Amy 🙂 Beautiful kitty!! That is a funny story. 🙂 I imagine the mouse was looking for a warm retreat. Now that he knows he has to deal with you, I suspect he won’t be back. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend with no more interrupted sleep! Love and blessings for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh yes my Rusty is SO handsome and believe me he knows it! 🙂 So happy you enjoyed this post and hope you did laugh, Sarah. Laughter is medicine for our Souls. 🙂 So far I’ve had no more uninterrupted sleep thank heavens! Much Love to you and Happy Weekend! 💞

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  5. lol…believe it or not Amy I think he was sent to test the ‘sentries on duty’ for the night 😀
    Mind you, I have caught one of the little, tiny, sweet critters…and it bit me with such violence I’ll never forget it. They have razor sharp teeth and there was blood everywhere. Took ages to stop the bleeding and I decided I had better get a shot after that, never know what it would pass on, especially if it had just bitten someone else recently 😀

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    1. LOL @ Mark! And I so believe you about how sharp those teeth are because I have seen the battle wounds on cats from cat and mouse encounters. You were smart to get a shot just in case. Who knows what kind of germs mice carry with them? SO glad you got a laugh out of this! Happy Weekend! 🤗

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  6. I think there was fun and excitement at the moment. I think you got to the sense to chase the mouse away. I also think your husband has good concern about a possible the mouse was pregnant and got in the house.

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    1. My hubby has a habit of thinking the worse in just about every scenario. I’m the one who stays calm (most of the time). Of course I would have chased that mouse away, YellowCable! My poor Rusty was going nuts! That and I did not want to take any chances of this mouse getting into our house somehow! No way! Happy Weekend! 🤗

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  7. Hahaha, great story, Amy. We’ve had mouse adventures here, too. A mouse got loose in the house last night, the dog chased it into the sunspace, where the cat became interested. Cat gave up. This afternoon dog again frantically trying to get mouse in sunspace knocking around plants. Remove dog, insert cat. Cat finally succeeds (and she is 17+). She still has what it takes – good girl! 😀

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  8. Wonderful Amy.. this had me laughing out loud my friend.. Oh and I so know about mice.. when our cats would bring them home…
    And yes many years ago in our old home I had one once climb a curtain that gave both of us a fright, when I opened them.. It scuttled back to where it came from.

    Loved the photo. Amy of Rusty. ❤

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    1. Oh, Rusty is a little cutie and he knows it, Sue. LOL And that mouse … smart? Unbelievable! I swear the Universe sends crazy things just to make me laugh. And yes laugh I did and for many days afterward. Poor Rusty slept deeply for about 3 days after that mouse appearance. He went bananas at that door and tuckered himself out!!! LOL


    1. Apologies for replying so late. A lot has been going on in my life… But anyways, I am so happy that you laughed at this post. It was meant to be funny! If I can turn my life into humor and get someone to laugh, I have achieved what I had set out to do! Much Love to you this day. 💕😘💕

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