Sometimes It Takes A Woman (4 IMAGES)

“Damn it!  I can’t get it in!”

Disgusted and swearing, hubby stalked off mumbling that there is the right tool for every job and evidently he just didn’t have it and now has to look for that tool.  Only what?

Behind him I glance over at our couch and know we have some babies in trouble who cannot tolerate heat.  You have no idea how much I just wanted to loose all control and have a hissy fit.  Why WHY does this happen whenever hubby works on anything which then always turns into a major project?  Or unforeseen problems just appear like rabbits out of a hat.  OH how frustrating this is!

Taking my phone I look at the picture I had taken of where it goes in what hole before hubby had disassembled it.  OK, I see.  The red wire that hubby couldn’t get in simply slides into that bracket there.  I focused my eyes on the new unit in front of me and saw where that red wire would slip in.  Easy.

Hmmmmm ….. Let me see what I can do.  My babies are depending on me and if we just let Dad do the job, we just may be here all day long.  Nope.  Not this time.  Not acceptable.

Closely I looked at the wires and the places each are supposed to be hooked up to.  Referring to my phone again I carefully select the red wire and taking my index finger of my right hand I just push it in the hole.  And it stayed there.  Huh.

I found the perfect tool.  My finger.  😂

Elated I yell …

“Hubby, the wire’s in!”  which in turn got him running over to where I was standing.  Disbelief written all over his face, needless to say, he grabs the flashlight to inspect my work.  Of course he expected what I told him to be wrong.  But!  Ah … sure enough that red wire was in exactly where it was supposed to be.

Giggling and trying so hard not to break out laughing ….

Mumbling, …… “I don’t  believe this 🙄”, hubby tightens the screw.  OH how I wanted to burst out laughing because it really was too funny.  He’s always just so serious and always always always expects a job to be difficult and when you think that way, guess what (?), it is.  And then comes along little ‘o me who experiments and tries something and voila it works!  I tend to look at something to figure out how to do what.  That generally is how I learn throughout life.  Trial and error.

Sometimes … it takes a woman to get the job done!  And all this woman needed was a finger to do it.  😂  Thank goodness I did what I did because what was being fixed was the AC control unit.  The slider control button broke with all stops at cool, off, heat, nonexistent.  The temperature in our house when the new AC control unit was installed was at 84°F.  OMG!  No wonder my babies were prostrate on the couch!  If I had not intervened only God knows how long hubby would have been trying to figure out how to get that red wire in properly.  All day?  😂

And if any of you are wondering why hubby decided to install the new AC unit, even though that unit was under warranty …  I’ll tell you why.  The company we bought the AC unit from would have charged us for a service call to have someone who worked for them come to our home to replace it.  Do ya believe that?  😡

Photography/ “Sometimes It Takes A Woman”/ July 2017©AmyRose

I know this has nothing to do with an AC control unit but the next time allergies hit, or nasal congestion, or a cold which leaves you with a stuffed nose, try using a Neti Pot with sea salt in warm water.  I found information and a recipe how to prepare the sea salt to water properly at  This works.  Truly.  It may take some time to work up the courage to actually do it because well, it’s uncomfortable but it beats having a nose feeling as though it has cement in it.  That’s my snippet for the day passing on a health tip for you.  😘


49 thoughts on “Sometimes It Takes A Woman (4 IMAGES)

    1. Thank you, Olga! When something doesn’t work try another way. 😉 We are now cool thank goodness! I have some cats with some pretty serious stuff going on and heat they really cannot tolerate. Hope your day is a great one! 💖🌹💖

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  1. Nice! You’re lucky he didn’t resort to calling someone in. This reminds me…I work in an electrician’s office. Well, one day the heater/air conditioner unit broke and they had the building call a guy in to look at it. The guy unplugged it and then plugged it back in…and it worked fine!

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    1. He did call the company and was told we’d be charged a service call to install a unit that was under warranty. Our slider button broke. Nope this unit had to be replaced. 😘


    1. Those babies are Meaghan, Doodles, and Rocky from left to right. Oh they were hot and the looks on their face said …. Come on, Mom, save the day! I had a bit of motivation to use my finger. 😂 You stay cool. Hot and humid here …. 💖


    1. Hi, Donna! I started reading your book and already love it. And yeah, the Neti Pot does work and is better IMO then the nasal sprays with steroids in them. No thank you! Have a great day!! 🌈

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  2. Oh, Amy. I have so many stories of times when I was so sure I was in command of a situation that was going off the rails, only to find the answer in that little woman I married. Congrats, well done – there, I said it. I’ll go sit with hubs now and we can mutter in support of each other.

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    1. Laughing out loud. You crack me up, Dan! You men think you have the answers and tend to make things more complicated then they are. Hubby is still not comfortable the way I took over and solved the mystery. Imagine that a woman fixed something. 😂😂😂 IF you guys would listen to us women more often it would be to your advantage. Just saying … And…. I would put money on it that your wife would agree with me. 😂😂😂

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    1. He really didn’t know how to install it, Amy. Good thing I had the good sense to take a picture before he took the broken one off the wall in order to be able to know how to install the new one. 😂


  3. Haha!!! You are awesome, Amy! I would have loved to witness this 😂 It is such an effrontery what some of those institutions are charging. We say “they are taking it from the living”.

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    1. You are right, Erika, because we found out that this company charged us 400% for this part. Do you believe that? And then they had the audacity to tell us we would have to pay for a service call for them to install a part that is under warranty. All in all, a funny story even though the circumstances were less then desirable. SO glad you got a laugh! I wish I could have snapped a picture of hubby’s face when he found out what I did. OH Lord!! Funny!!! 😂😂😂

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  4. Not surprised at all – same here at my house! 😉 Good going, Amy!
    I love my neti pot – great for relief from allergies, dust (after housecleaning or mowing the lawn) and any nasal congestion.

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    1. LOL Oh, Eliza, men are something else, aren’t they? I’m seriously laughing out loud. And yeah, that neti pot really does come in handy and helps me immensely. I’m allergic to dust so you can imagine my nasal congestion. Did I mention I’m actually allergic to cats? Truth! 😂


  5. This story sounds so very familiar Amy and I love the nose with cement in it – my giggle for the morning – Good tip will try it. And just so you don’t get confused I have a new icon, but may change it back again.

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  6. Well done Amy…um, I do hope you isolated the circuit so that you wouldn’t get electrocuted while touching the bare wires?
    Our electrical systems over here run on 240V AC and will kill you stone dead if you touch any bare wires 🙂

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      1. Now really what do I say to this? You’ve got me squirming, CM. But I really say thank you in spite of the squirming. Hope you have been well. We must meet again soon! HUGS 💕🌸💕

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  7. I think I am on your husband side about this. I always think thing is hard first 🙂 Any how, I am glad your wonderful touch get the job done and get the unit replaced!

    Really love your picture of your cats sleeping there. They are so cute!


    1. That’s not quite the scene here, John. The man of this house “thinks” he always knows how to fix something and because I’m a “woman” I don’t have a clue. I must admit some (most) of the repair work around here I really don’t know how to do. I do though have a knack at looking at something to figure out how it works or what needs fixing in order for it to again work. I’m pretty good too. 😉


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